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Take Pause: What is enough?

By Shea Adelson

How do we know we are, have and do enough?

We start in this moment.
We find out feet, our back, our hands, our seat.
We locate ourselves in space, tracing out the lines of our skin.
We receive what we are, right now.
We inhale.
We start with the physical being.
We exhale.
We move outwards, expanding into space, owning our energy bodies.
We inhale.
We fill the room.
We exhale.
We get present to all the people, places, things around us.
We inhale.
We feel the whole world, all the layers, all the voices, all the feelings, all the weather.
We exhale.
We sit in knowing there is enough, enough air, water, food, energy, for everyone right now, always.
We inhale.
We declare we are enough now.
We exhale.

Take Pause: What is enough, for you, right now?

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