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The Moment In-between

By Gina LaRoche

The moment in-between

here and there
yesterday and today
the inhale and the exhale
hello and good-bye
this bite and the next
the loving kindness and the harsh tone
day and night

Why do we ignore the space, the silence the beauty of in-between?

How many times have we been gifted this precious space and throw it away?

Can we, in this moment, agree to accept all the moments including the spaces in-between?

5 thoughts on “The Moment In-between

  1. I need more of these in-between moments! I think the task is to recognize when we have them! Too many of us are too focused on endless to-do lists. (quick breath) Thanks for writing; gotta go. 🙂

  2. Yummy….Evokes in me the desire to practice slowing WAAAAaaaaaaaayyy down. That’s how I’ll have space to feel and honor the spaces in between. De-lish!

  3. one way i see these in between moments are as transitions, transitions from the in to the out breath, day to night to day again … it’s so easy to skip over them because it requires letting go and turning our attention to that new moment that is arising, that new hello comes after a good-bye.

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