Global Sufficiency Network – About Us


Welcome to the new home
of the Global Sufficiency Network!

As of January 2013, Seven Stones Leadership is the new steward of the Global Sufficiency Network.
Read former Executive Director, Marilyn Levin’s transition letter.

The Global Sufficiency Network is about a new way of living that will allow all of us to thrive.

The vision and mission remain the same.

Vision: The Global Sufficiency Network envisions a future transformed and restored by the promise and practice of sufficiency.

Mission: The Global Sufficiency Network is a hub and resource center for the Sufficiency Movement, building and supporting an ever-expanding network of people, organizations and communities committed to leading the paradigm shift from scarcity to sufficiency.

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Who we are:
The Global Sufficiency Network invites passionate, committed people into an interconnected community of inspiration and support—and provides the practical tools needed to move away from the mindset of scarcity that fuels so many of our societal ills and into a new, more harmonious and sustainable way of life on the planet we all call home.

We’re about inspiring people who want to move away from an existence of running on the treadmill of more, more and then some more. The Global Sufficiency Network stands for something very different—a passionately held belief that in spite of what societal messages tell us, we are already enough, and already have enough, to create a new world that works for everyone.

  • In this new world, we put down the old measuring cups of growth and consumption and look for others ways to define success, create meaning and enjoy the truly rich experience of life.
  • In this new world, we use our infinite, unlimited inner resources (our imagination, our passion, our love, our brainpower) to reallocate our more finite material resources in ways that allow all of us to flourish.
  • In this new world, we understand that sufficiency isn’t about sacrificing or skimping or even simplifying. It’s about being present to our exquisite enoughness and sharing that bounty with abandon for the joy it brings to our souls.

We’re for the working mom who wants her kids to really experience gratefulness. We’re for the corporate CEO who’s willing to look at how our hunger for continual growth is affecting our planet. We’re for the spiritual seeker who’s wrestling with how much is really enough to be happy. We’re for the non-profit leader who wants to more deeply explore how human beings can live in harmony with nature and each other. We’re for anyone who wants to be restored, transformed and inspired by the promise of sufficiency and the opportunity for thriving that it represents.

Through our ever-expanding network of people, organizations and communities, the Global Sufficiency Network will:

  • Convene dialog circles, summits, conferences and other networking and learning events
  • Connect people with practice leaders who teach ways of incorporating sufficiency into everyday life
  • Bring together thought and practice leaders who are defining and advancing the principles of sufficiency
  • Create collaborations that involve people and organizations in the simplicity movement, in the social justice and peace movements, in the environmental and sustainability movement, and in the movement for personal and global transformation

And, through our website, we will connect people to tools such as audios, videos, books, workbooks, assessments and more, as well as links to other resources such as The Soul of Money Institute, The Boston Sufficiency Group and The Sufficiency Foundation.