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Cancer journals #3: endurance

By Jen Cohen

I’ve noticed several more fascinating things about entitlement I want to share.

1. It keeps me focused on and addicted to what I don’t have.  2.  I observe that I am not so hot at receiving, taking in, drinking up, resting in what I do create for myself. 3.  My entitlement is righteous and hungry so loud at times it drowns out everything else.  4. others feed it too.  “You don’t deserve this Jen”.  “No one should have to go through this.”

And then I think about those penguins.  Have you seen that movie, March of the Penguins?  Those penguins stand up and hold onto that egg for two months in -100 degree weather.  No one tells them they don’t deserve to have to do that.  They just do it.  They stand there together huddled, waiting for the eggs to hatch, enduring.

I was listening to Caroline Myss this week.  She is powerful.  She says its endurance we are learning.  The soul has to learn endurance.  We are not entitled to avoid learning this or any other lesson of the soul.  We must learn to endure as part of our soul’s evolution.

Ok I like that.

I can hear the cultural noise though too: “We should ( got to love those should’s) not have to endure this kind of suffering….bla bla……

Here it is though.  We do endure this kind of suffering.  We do.  It’s that simple.  And, we are strong enough, brave enough, wise enough, connected enough, humble enough to endure and to learn.

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