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Appreciating What is Enough, Appreciating Democracy

By Shea Adelson

I get it. There’s a lot that isn’t working. A lot that is broken. A lot that needs fixing. The list is long and I get scared. I feel that scarcity a lot – that we will run out of time, money, love for each other. But yesterday, on a day I got to vote, I feel grateful. I am appreciating what does work, what we do have, what we do share. What is clean and what is safe. And I remember this moment of sufficiency, because it is always there. Because those voting booths are waiting for me each election, because I get to participate.

Social Fabric: Initiation

By Shea Adelson

In our work to usher in the truth and promise of sufficiency into the world, attending to social fabric will be a key focus. I don’t yet know what it will take to restore the social fabric of my own life, never mind the culture at large. For now, I am guessing it takes one relationship at a time. Starting with those around us first, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, municipalities… small systems of connection that will web out from sheer strength and fortitude.