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Beyond Green: Permaculture (Part 3 of 3)

By Shea Adelson

As we at Seven Stones consider what it means to build a business, make a living and be of service – all inside of sufficiency, we are turning inward to our own listening and to the deep listening of our advisers. One Seven Stones adviser, Roger Burton, has brought the wisdom of permaculture to our awareness. Permaculture is “consciously designed landscapes that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for provision of local needs.” (from Permaculture Principals & Pathways Beyond Sustainability, 2002) In its broadest sense, permaculture is attending to the reality of energy descent, or the diminishing availability of cheap fossil fuels, and though permaculture principals are largely used in reforestation projects and in farming (aka food growing), I am interested in permaculture for how it can inform our evolving business “landscape.” (from same source)

cancer journals #4

By Jen Cohen

I noticed this once on a long meditation retreat and I notice it again so clearly during this time in my life.  In each moment sufficiency is present. In each moment I am clear or calm or content or simply ok.  Each moment is completely endurable, maybe even pleasant, or blissful. Yet when you ask…

Sufficiency in this Moment

By Gina LaRoche

Sufficiency does not equal comfort. It doesn’t mean we won’t be hungry, tired, bored or lonely if we choose to live in Sufficiency. It doesn’t mean we are exempt from failure, loss, disease or upset. It doesn’t mean we have transcended something, that we are special or unique. What I have discerned on my journey…

Reflecting on Our Way (Part 6.5 of 7)

By Shea Adelson

Sufficiency is not right, but it is a right that we can harvest, a truth that exists for us to realize for ourselves. There’s no road down scarcity or road down sufficiency. For most of us the path of sufficiency is checkered with both the assumptions of scarcity and sufficiency at different times or moments. Our goal, my goal, is to lean into sufficiency more of the time.


By Gina LaRoche

The sun rises Its rays dance on the earth – all of the earth Its light sparkles like diamonds Jewels to be enjoyed by all Rays are abundant Not only for this planet but for seven others There is nothing to bottle Nothing to capture Nothing to sell, harness or hoard The sun is for…