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Community Creation

By Gina LaRoche

Today we held a community call investigating creation and how to create what is next for us. I asked the participants who arrived early for the call to create something in the next two minutes. Here is a sample of what they created with my 2013 and January creation collages included. Enjoy! -gl



What I like to do

Is love the one I’m with

Even when I’m stuck

With someone I don’t like

–Shea Adleson


-Gina LaRoche (2013)


Today is a day of eternity

This second of beauty, bounty and beyond

Today, this second is my being


–Onaje Eagleheart Muid


–PV (Self Portrait)


Creation is me

becoming new

new thoughts

new paths

different ways of perceiving life

my reality changing from day to day

I am my best creation

I am creating anew every single day

–Susan Mattson


-Gina LaRoche (January Gifts)

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