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Contemplating Time

By Gina LaRoche









My hope that I would have a whole series of empty days, days without interruptions, days in which to think and laze, (for creation depend as much on laziness as on hard work), was of course, impossible.  –May Sarton

On the final day of the year I begin a journey to unwind from time.

At the end of two weeks without working with clients I find myself wondering if I am capable of having empty days. I seem to fill my days with yoga, exercise, phone calls, house work and yet I did have moments, actually hours of time stretching out with no responsibilities and my mind free to wander. As 2013 unfolds I declare my power around time. You are  welcome to join me.

It is worth everything to me to feel the morning opening gently, not to be hurried, not to push myself from one kind of response to another at top speed. –May Sarton

May I find such gentle space as a new year unfolds before me.

I have time to think. That is the great, the greatest luxury. I have time to be. Therefore my responsibility is huge. To use time well and to be all that I can in whatever years are left to me. This does not dismay.   –May Sarton

How will I honor my responsibility to use time well and be all that I can?




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