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Creating 2019: I am Enough

By Gina LaRoche

This month’s theme at Seven Stones is creation. We use that word in a number of ways here; as a pathway to enoughness, as a mindset, as a devotional practice, and in the traditional way of making something out of nothing.

In fact, it might be that creation is always happening and our job as a human being is to tap into this well. Creation could be as much about how we create as it is about what we create. The how is about our state of being and the structures we set up to enable our creations and creative energy to flow.

One of those creation structures is completion, our focus from last month. For us, creation and completion go hand-in-hand. Completion empties us out and makes a fertile void in which we seed and plant our projects and desires.

For many of us at Seven Stones we create in order to set an intention, calm the nervous system, return to rest, and communicate with the unknown and unseen.

When I hit a block, I notice if I turn my attention away from a problem, or stress or a puzzle, and focus on something else – writing, drawing, and even taking a shower – the block is released, and ideas flow freely.

In The Seven Laws of Enough we talk about creation as practicing part of Law #2: I am Enough. This Law is a bold declaration, a creation of an intention for the future to live into. We write:

Out of declaration, creation arises, from the Big Bang to Genesis in the Bible, as May Sarton writes, “the moment of creation assures that all is well.” Or as we believe, the moment of creation assures that there is enough. We humans were designed with the power to create: to create life itself; create story, which is the framework for all human understanding; create new ideas; create physical structures; create beauty through art, dance, and music. We can take what is already given and create something completely new from what is freely offered, including a new mind-set. Investigating our interior life, our mind-set, thoughts, and emotions offers us a pathway to remember the truth of enough.

This month, we invite you begin 2019 by including creation as a practice, experiment, and inquiry. To get you started in creating your year, I offer a co-creation practice from the book:

Co-creation Practice:

Take a moment to sit back in your chair and find a comfortable position. You can lie down as long as you can stay alert. Let yourself be in a posture that is open and receptive. Connect to the back of your body so the front is soft and open.

As you’re finding a comfortable position, let your breath begin to deepen. Use your inhale to gather energy and the exhale to ground and arrive in the body.

  • What is it like to sit in a receptive posture?
  • What do you notice? Does it feel safe, vulnerable, unsafe, new, familiar, difficult, easy?
  • Do you notice any urge to lean forward or feel compelled to move into some kind of action? Just notice. See if you can remain in this soft, open, receptive posture for a few minutes. If not, it’s ok, and, if so, just keep exploring what you find here.

And a creation experiment:

  • Create your own pattern for sewing and make something new
  • Draw daily for 10 days
  • Sing in the shower for several days in a row and note what arises
  • Collect stones by the water or in the mountains and create a devotional altar
  • Journal daily writing in stream of consciousness and not focus on the what of your life
  • Learn to knit
  • Create new recipes and host a brunch

As well as a creation inquiry:

  1. When I hear the word creation, what arises in me?
  2. What current practices do I have that feel like creation?
  3. How do I nourish, or feed, my creativity?
  4. Does my work inspire creativity?

You may choose to do all of what I offer or one as a part of your annual creation process. I suggest you find the flexibility to create your own process, one that works for you. It is never too late; you can create your year at any time. You can create your month on any day, and your day can be created at 3:00 pm if need be.

My belief is that if we do not declare, intend, or create consciously and proactively, then it seems like we are reacting to life, caught in the flotsam and jetsam, struggling to find root and ground. To support you this year, we are offering our Creation Starter Kit for free this month. This kit was created to support you on your journey to sustainable abundance. Please click here for your copy.

Finally, will you share with us your creative process, your words or any art making you have done to create this year? You can email us or find us on social media.

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