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Creating a New World

By Gina LaRoche

Can you tell that the collective dreams we have shared as a human community, as a western society, and as a nation are changing?

Have you thought about the dream for your organization that will actually enable it to thrive in the new economy?

Do you know how to usher those you lead into a new dream?

Do you have the practices, the rigor, the integrity and trust required of leaders today to drive change in these moving sands?

We are asking these questions ourselves to skillfully and with grace navigate this unprecedented breadth and depth of disorientation we all face as a global community.


What dream are you daring to dream?

2 thoughts on “Creating a New World

  1. I am daring to dream a dream of a world where all of life works for all people. Where well being and joy are the commonplace conversation. Where leaders leave love of courage and magnificence. That is the dream I dream. A ho!

  2. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my dream for change:

    This vision of spa-retreat as a cultural concept has the potential to bring about real change in personal and planetary health. It arises from a belief that it is possible, necessary, and effective to integrate self-care, self-development, and self-expression with environmental concerns such as water quality and conservation.

    The concept incorporates the idea of taking sabbaticals of at least three-months from everyday concerns in order to focus on one’s own well-being and that of the planet. An inspiring model for this is the ancient Asclepian sanctuaries to which people went to seek healing from troubles of body, mind, and spirit.

    Those returning from these retreats or sabbaticals would bring back with them insights and actions of value not only to themselves but to the whole (much as Native American vision quests are intended to do). These places of seeking-and-support would be free, and free of any doctrine.

    Many people are attracted to the images of health and reinvigoration associated with spa-retreat. However, the underlying essential value and role of our physical and social environments is often overlooked. Spa – sanus per agua (health through water) – should not be a luxury commodity.

    Water as an indicator of health and also a tool for health, is central to the spa-retreat offering. Water, as a metaphor, provides many insights into human behavior and human potential, as the Taoists knew well. Water and humans need to be free and to have depth and clarity to thrive.

    To read more, and help me bring this vision down to earth, I invite you to visit

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