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Guest Blogger: Biology First, Taking Care of the Body for Sufficiency’s Sake

By Shea Adelson

This week we share with you a post from one of our Enough, Already course participants. Ana writes here  to the rest of the cohort inside of the community exploring what is enough. Amazing how the context of our body literally creates our reality…


Dear Sufficiency Sisters,

So I want to presence an awareness I had this past weekend. I’ve been feeling very sufficient, feeling good ease in my life.

I watch my fears, anxieties about money, career, future, etc. come to view, and then I connect to the enoughness of the present moment, the fullness of the moment I’m living in. I look around and think, wow, I’m blessed and I certainly have plenty of resources to live my life in a healthy and supported way. It is an instant shift. Or at least, it HAS been an instant shift, … until this weekend.

I got into a foul mood on Saturday, and I’ve been trying to unpack it. I can see what triggered me, and I can see it was the brat in me that was saying, “But I want it!! I deserve it.”

Why, I wondered, was my inner brat so active?

The brat came to life because I hadn’t eaten well, or slept well. My mood was a product of my nutrition and body state- the brat just filled in the blanks for what the body was struggling to say, which was “I’m having a sugar crash, I’m under nourished, and I’m tired.”

This I am sure of…

So another awareness that I bring to the practice of sufficiency is how my eating, exercise, and sleep practices partner with my Tools of Sufficiency to create a healthy frame-of-mind. A-ha! Everything is connected.

  • When I maintain my yoga practice, I am likely to feel more sufficient.
  • When I schedule time for focused work, I feel more accomplished.
  • When I allow myself to rest, I feel rested.
  • When I avoid my housekeeping, I feel overwhelmed by house.
  • When I let my to-do list pile up, I feel scarcity in my space.
  • When I skip on my yoga practice, skip my meals, or sleep poorly, I feel anxious, ungrounded, and discouraged.

These are perfect opportunities for the Weapons of Scarcity to come in and “fill in the blanks.”

So, my intention is to maintain my healthy practices – nutrition, exercise, rest, meditation – as a foundation to a life of sufficiency. My related intention is to not listen too closely when the tired body or mind is looking to express itself through “the brat.” Instead, I’ll just eat a healthy meal and go to sleep.

I’m sure my kids and husband would appreciate it!!:)

Thanks for letting me share!


Thank you Ana! (Posted by Shea)

One thought on “Guest Blogger: Biology First, Taking Care of the Body for Sufficiency’s Sake

  1. What a lovely awareness, Ana. Thank you for the confirmation!!! Reminds me of the old saying, which perhaps has more wisdom in it than it seems: “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” : ) Namaste…Liza

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