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How I Learned to Embrace Sustainable Abundance

By Michelle Poskaitis

By Amber Ferry

I signed up for Step 1: Embracing Sustainable Abundance and was blown away by what I learned. Not only is the course relevant to my life, it was simple to finish over the course of a few days. In between working from home and shuttling my two children around, I began my work around this new-to-me concept of living a life of “enough” and sustainable abundance.

The concept of scarcity is familiar to me. I recognize my frantic thinking: “there is not enough time,” “I do not have the energy for that today,” or even “I wish I had the money.” The Weapons of Scarcity outlined in the course took me time to process and understand. There are many worksheets Jen and Gina incorporated into the course, beginning with my favorite… the “Gratitude Practice Worksheet.” I enjoyed journaling about my relationship to money and time, and I continue to reference my notes even months after completing the course.

I appreciated each meditation and the quiet time to breathe, feel my lungs expand, and center my thoughts. For the first time, I thought about how all earthly beings are intertwined and how living in scarcity prevents me from connecting with all that is available through these other living beings. When I live in lack I am disconnected from my family, loved ones, and even my sweet little dog! I begin to see myself as an outsider, which allows for feelings of shame and isolation to take over. I also noticed that scarcity manifests itself in my body—in my jaw, neck, temples, and shoulders. As Jen and Gina read the weapons one by one in an audio reflection, I felt my jaw tighten most when I heard failure, worry, shame, doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

This online course led me to think of concepts such as love and belonging as infinite versus finite. That is, instead of living as though these two are limited or scarce, I now view them as infinitely and boundlessly available to me. I recognize more easily when I fall into the trap of giving into scarcity and allowing it to cloud my being and my relationship to community. When I recognize myself slipping into thinking of myself as not enough, I can consciously change my thinking and realize that I am enough simply as I am. I strain and strive less and extend to myself and others more acceptance and loving-kindness.

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