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if sufficiency is everywhere is it in the hospital?

By Jen Cohen

I spent much of today at the hospital, waiting.

I thought about bringing my computer and I did bring the book chapter I am writing and my crochet set.

I was supposed to be there for two hours.

Is that enough to occupy me I wondered?

More than enough actually.  More than I could possibly do in two hours.

There it is.

Not enough/ too much and just about what to bring to the hospital to sit and wait.

In the end all he wanted was for me to sing to him.

I brought my voice.


I did not even have to remember it.

No work required.

Just me.

My voice

Soothing him.

We had my voice.  We had our hands to offer one another.  We had the sweet silence in between the songs.

At the hospital no less.

Enough. Plenty. Perfect.

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