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By Gina LaRoche

Is it time we wrote a declaration of interdependence? It is so strange for me to hear that Brazil has solved their energy crises that China has a population crisis and that Iceland has run out of money. How is this information not our success or our problem? Our declaring independence from England tied with our Yankee hard work and deep desire to distance ourselves from noble birthright seems to have pushed us far away from community. It is clear to me that if my bank (Bank of America) needs money because a bank in England, Spain and Finland need money then we are connected. If families in Nevada are losing their homes and families in Ethiopia have no food to eat is that any different? If a member of my church community has HIV/AIDS and someone in Africa has HIV/AIDS is it not the same disease? Is it time to stop pretending we are separate?


I wonder if the Continental Congress had adopted a declaration of interdependence what would the planet be like today.


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