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May I… a bold declaration for 2013?

By Gina LaRoche
Creating 2013

In the summer of 2011 I learned a concentration practice called Metta. It was taught to me by Sharon Salzberg, a pre-emanate Buddhist Dharma teacher and co-founder of IMS, who brought this practice to the west. I have spent the ensuing months in deep reflection and practice about loving-kindness. I have included teaching it to many clients and writing about my experiences including a white paper on our site.

Today as I look toward creating 2013, I wondered if using the concept of a “friendly wish” could work well to craft my year instead of bold resolutions, goals or even intentions?

As an example: take a standard weight loss more exercise goal. In the old days I would have said, “I am going to go to the gym more and lose weight this year.” Usually I would include a number with this goal i.e. 20-30 pounds.

I wonder if, as an experiment, wishing myself well would give me space to grow and develop this year?

May I be healthy in 2013 or May I find a healthy balance of nourishment and movement this year.

To my ear it sounds less stressful, more achievable and it seems to give me a place to be with what is working well in this moment. Are you willing to join me in a new creation practice?

What friendly wish can we all give ourselves this year as we look to grow in 2013? 

One thought on “May I… a bold declaration for 2013?

  1. Or, may my body and mind find a healthy balance between movement nourishment.

    The concept of letting go and trusting and being present is different than the ego driven goal of “I am going to fill in the blank.”

    My friendly wish is to stay the course and embrace the mystery of the journey.

    Peace be with you Gina.

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