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Our Completion Practice

By Shea Adelson

Completion has been a powerful practice for us as leaders, coaches and members of various communities. It is import because we believe there is a big difference between ending and being complete. Things end and we can often find ourselves incomplete. These incompletions build and can leave us with stale energy from the old hanging around and curtails our capacity to fully create what is next. In many circles we call this “having baggage” and for many these sacks are as full as Santa’s sleigh.

We have many rituals at Seven Stones for getting things completed in ways that leave lots of room for the new to arrive. These practices include:

  • We are committed to complete all conversations.
  • We have a completion ritual monthly, quarterly and yearly that allows us to be accountable to each other and our clients.
  • We are transparent, which allows others rest in clarity and completion.
  • We complete even if we don’t know exactly how.

Creation naturally arises from completion. And creating powerfully is truly an art. There are many traditions that teach us to use the unseen forces to aid in our creations. We at Seven Stones are deeply informed by those and have adapted some of them to use internally and with our clients.

Each of our products are designed for a part of this journey of completion and creation – acts we engage with every day, in big and small ways. And this Thursday we offer a community call devoted to a completion process. It’s an annual tradition, and we hope you will join us at noon EST Thursday for this free phone event.

Authored together with Jen Cohen and Gina LaRoche

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