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Purpose, a poem on a value

By Shea Adelson

Right now my purpose is to start the chicken stock

And now it is to put the shoes away in the closet

Now to check my email for important information


Now to reply, not to this one, that one and that

My purpose now is to practice

Now to watch the rain

Listen to the drips on the air conditioner

See the red roses on the bush that my purpose yesterday in the sun was not cut for our table

Maybe tomorrow my purpose will be to take the AC out of the window for the winter

And now to prepare lunch

Now to take an important phone call and then eat lunch

My purpose now is to print pictures for the young one school

And now to write

And now to read

And now to hum

And now to knit while I hum

And all the while my purpose is to do my purposes with an open heart


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