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Right Relationship, Right Exchange

By Shea Adelson

A coaching client responds to homework questions inside of our conversation about the nature of our exchange for coaching services (click on the link for that story):

What is right relationship?

Right relationship is one based in love, trust and respect.
Right relationship is mutual.
It is usually in contribution of something greater than ourselves, as well as in each other.
It is relational, not transactional.
Both parties show up with a commitment to be present and there with each other until their soul journies are complete with each other.
It is detached and has a foundation in a higher power.
Right relationship is all about communication and lots of checking in along the way.

What is right exchange?

Right exchange is one where both voices are being heard.
One that is consensual and mutuallyu beneficial.
Right exchange is one that enhances the quality of life of both parties and contributes to the greater good of the whole system.
Right exchange takes into account all of the possibilities in the field and all of the ways beings feel intrinsic value.
Love, trust, and respect is also its basis.

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