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By Jen Cohen

I have heard Jack Kornfield say that the biggest disease in the West is not diabetes or cancer but rather our self loathing. He reported once speaking with the Dalai Lama who did not understand the idea that one could hate oneself. Self-compassion is a basic teaching in His wise understanding of what is means to cultivate peace within. We consider it a core practice for us at Seven Stones. Check out this resource for self-compassion.

What is self-compassion? Watch a video of Dr. Kristin Neff, an Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas at Austin, speak about it.


by Jen Cohen

One thought on “Self-Compassion

  1. Is being kind and caring necessarily a part of compassion? It seems to me that might get us into trouble. I mean caring never seems like a bad idea, but sometimes it can be somewhat like soothing and placating, not going at all very deep. So, with self-compassion, I think the challenge is actually overcoming the repressive and aversive instincts we have. Otherwise, it can just devolve into indulgence. The loathing, I would argue, is not itself a bad thing because it’s not for ourselves per se — it’s more general and diffuse. The hard part about loathing is that it is loathsome; it feels horrible to feel horrible. To make matters worse (intolerable) it is not possible to make the loathsome feeling go away. I don’t think Americans have some kind of monopoly on this feeling, it’s just that we tend to think of ourselves so highly that we feel like failures because we can’t make the bad feelings go away.

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