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Sneak Peek of New Book Coming June 19!

By Michelle Poskaitis

By Gina LaRoche & Jennifer Cohen

“What if the truth is that everything is OK? Like, Garden of Eden OK? It’s hard to imagine. But it is the truth of sufficiency. Here are the facts: there is enough food, air, water, and other necessities for every human being on the plant to live a quality life, full of resources and abundance. We still haven’t accepted this. Nor have we begun to organize ourselves to reflect the fact that there is enough. We believe it’s time to go public with this message and to share the truth.

Here is our new book in a nutshell: You are enough. You do enough. You have enough, already. If you were to orient to life, to your team, your family, and society as if that were true, we guarantee you would see life in a whole new way. You would ask different questions and frame problems differently. New solutions would emerge.

Our “modern” society is already scaring the pants off of us and making us feel bad for who we are and what we do or don’t have. But fear and shame aren’t conducive to positive change. To help counteract them, we’ll paint a picture of what is already available to us. Let us peel back the layers of distortion we have grown up with and been trained in and bask in the country available to us.”

Excerpted from The Seven Laws of Enough: Cultivating Sustainable Abundance, available for preorder


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