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Reflecting on Our Way (Part 6.5 of 7)

By Shea Adelson

As we are in the last leg of our series journey, let’s review a few of the principles we’ve discerned so far:

* Letting go – mourning our losses – makes space for something new to arise.
* Acknowledging, celebrating and appreciating what we have already – the intangible, non-monetary assets – gives us strength and power and resources to creatively move forward and to make transitions.
* Our experience in the now – our current reality – will resolve to that which we declare we desire, or our dreams, through creative tension. Being with the tension is the path; we cannot necessarily plan our way there.
* Sufficiency invites us not to get rid of stuff but to allow our stuff to be part of our flow, the in and out of our lives. Attuning to what you have already, what is working in your life already, what you know to be true and whole about yourself and the people you love are acts of sufficiency.
* Each choice we make adds up to our future. For a sufficient future, our choices would have to be made from the assumption of sufficiency, that we are, have and do enough.

Sufficiency is not right, but it is a right that we can harvest, a truth that exists for us to realize for ourselves. There’s no road down scarcity or road down sufficiency. For most of us the path of sufficiency is checkered with both the assumptions of scarcity and sufficiency at different times or moments. Our goal, my goal, is to lean into sufficiency more of the time. To exercise those muscles and to eventually respond – to stressors, the stress of transition in particular – inside of sufficiency the majority of the time. That’s 51% of the time. To that end, we practice sufficiency.

May this Thanksgiving be a sufficient one, just as it is.

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