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When Nothing is Enough

By Gina LaRoche

My colleague pinged me late last night and asked if I posted a blog. (Monday’s are my posting day.) “No,” I replied, “I have nothing to say.” I mean, I have a few half written blogs and poems in various states of completion, but … nothing feeling urgent.

Then I realized: that is it. . . I actually have nothing to say – not because I am bored or tapped out – but because I am feeling pretty good these days. Actually, I am feeling great; I have found myself resting easily in the present moment:

  • Pausing and listening to birds (listen to them too)
  • Being proud of the work we did as a company last week to support our clients during very trying circumstances in Boston
  • Excited by the launch of our two latest courses
  • Noticing that I truly LOVE our clients and feel privileged to have seen many of them in person last week
  • Deeply enjoying a magical dinner with my menfolk

Yes, life is good; maybe this is what I have been writing about all these years. Maybe this is what it means to have enough, to create my life from sufficiency, to find my enough line.

As I arrive in this moment, there is not much for me to say… except maybe make a request for you to join me. I invite you to ask yourself:

  • What has me rest in the present moment?
  • Where can I pause and listen?
  • How can I bring love to my work?
  • What or whom am I proud of?

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