Embracing Sustainable Abundance: A Leadership Journey
Module 1: Myths of Scarcity and Tools of Sufficiency
Module 2: Living in Stories
Module 3: Breaking Free
Module 4: Letting Go
Module 5: Completion is a Process
Module 6: Creating with Intention and Purpose
Module 7: Community and Interdependence
Bonus: The Seven Laws of Enough

Welcome to Sustainable Abundance


In this Module, we’ll get oriented to the way the course works and start designing your practices. We are what we practice and we are always practicing something. Be forewarned – this course might kick up scarcity for you.


  • Define Practice
  • Experience different practices
  • Commit to regular practices


  • Prepare a journal for the course work
  • Watch video and take notes (journal)
  • Listen to meditation audios*
  • Keep a gratitude journal (worksheet)
  • Daily practice of kindness and meditation (audios*)*Audios can be downloaded for ease of use with phone or tablet

Image Credit: All collages by Gina LaRoche