Advanced Course of Study

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Advanced Coaching and Somatics Training

Join Jennifer Cohen teaching Advanced Coaching and Somatics Training at The Next Practice Institute (NPI) held by Mobius Executive Leadership December 8–13, 2019.

Certified a Master Coach by the Strozzi Institute, Jennifer will dive into the latest from neuroscience and somatics to help you gain a grounded understanding of what makes working with and through the body so powerful in effecting long-lasting and sustainable change. This track will offer a heightened sense of leadership presence, embodiment and inspiration for your own leadership journey, as well as extend and deepen your coaching skills. (Some experience as a coach or trusted advisor required.)

Who It’s For

  • For leaders and dedicated professionals committed to continual learning
  • Master practitioners who run their own coaching and training practices

What to Expect

We’ll dive into the latest research and insights from neuroscience and somatics to explore how working with and through the body can create long-lasting, sustainable change. An understanding of how the human structure shapes our behavior and is of great influence when leading others, and a renewed commitment to your own practices as a gateway to a coaching presence begins to create a field in which clients shift. Be ready to use yourself and your habits as an access to your learning.


By the end of Deepening Sustainable Abundance, you’ll be able to:

  • Practice your craft in a lab-like atmosphere: experiment, take risks, and invent new moves
  • Experience new and radical dimensions of yourself as the instrument of your coaching: presenting offers to your clients, making bold requests, trusting your intuitive voice and seeing sustainable results
  • Unleash your ability to creatively use what is happening in the present moment in coaching and seamlessly weave that together with the client’s overall development goals
  • Be part of a concerned, nurturing community of peers—a coaching collective dedicated to the enjoyment of learning where we contribute to one another and create a safe space to be real about our work, our challenges and our edges. This will allow all of us to celebrate authentic risk taking


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December 8–13, 2019 |  Boston, MA

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"Your training and facilitation skills are a beautiful thing to experience and to behold, the perspectives I gained on the material were extremely important, and the community you attracted and created was powerful beyond measure."

– Steve Heller, Program Director, Leadership Coaching Program, Georgetown University