Transformational Coaching

Master your craft and provide best-in-class care for others.


Engage in a tailored, one-on-one leadership coaching experience with one of the Seven Stones braintrust, Jennifer Cohen and Gina LaRoche. This unique program puts at your disposal a world-class coaches, with as many as 28 years practicing the art and science of coaching and embodied leadership, and whose experiences ranges from being in house at companies like IBM to overseeing coaching for boutique consulting firms to coaching Fortune 500 leaders.

We bring 100% of our focus to these unique coaching partnerships: our whole selves, our hearts, our minds, our time and our fullest capabilities as coaches, consultants and facilitators. And all we ask is that you be ready to do the same.

Gina and Jen’s workshop on ‘the 7 Laws of Enough’ was one of the best workplace seminars I’ve had the pleasure of attending—lucid, inspiring, and most of all, practical. As someone whose job involves arranging wellness and leadership programs for organizations, my standards in this regard are quite high, and Gina and Jen managed to exceed them.

– Sara D., Wellness Advisor

I love what you [Seven Stones Leadership Group] are doing here. As a coach I hear this from clients all of the time, and I work with very educated professionals. I look at their resumes and am amazed that they still seem to believe that they don’t belong or measure up in some way to others. Keep doing what you are doing!

– C.H.

Who It’s For

Our coaching participants at this level usually have completed our entire foundational course sequence, Sustainable Abundance: A Leadership Journey, or are highly proficient in an equivalent leadership coaching framework. Are you:

  • Committed to delivering exquisite care to clients?
  • Operating with the highest level of integrity and effectiveness?
  • Interested in having your work provide financial remuneration for your expertise?
  • Looking to integrate the latest thinking into your coaching or training practice, including neuroscience, somatics/embodiment and strategic thinking?

What to Expect

Our Transformational Coaching partnerships usually last for six months to two years.


  • Design and execute creative interventions in the service of delivering extraordinary value to your clients.
  • Cultivate a full-body, deep-listening ability so that personal presence becomes a tool of transformation.
  • Determine the ideal client and learn how to say “no,” as well as build a viable and robust book of business.
  • Develop the ability to observe the body and use the art of embodiment in your coaching practice.
  • Examine our common patterns as coaches in an effort to see ourselves clearly and use our skills effectively.
  • Manage the resistance to change and develop pathways for helping your clients overcome that resistance.
  • Effectively dance between “coaching” and “consulting,” and intuit when to employ which approach in the service of your clients.



To find out if our advanced Transformational Coaching program can help you create the coaching and training practice you’ve always aspired to, call us at 617.531.3548 or complete the inquiry form.