Destination Courses

Nourish mind, heart and body by immersing yourself in Sustainable Abundance in a special destination.

Immersive Coaching

These unique courses are held in special destination locales and integrate elements from our Course of Study and Transformational Coaching programs. They aim to accelerate participants along their journeys in Sustainable Abundance while nourishing mind, heart and body.

Due to the 2018 book tour, we do not have any destinations courses scheduled at this time. Check back for dates of future workshops related to our new book The Seven Laws of Enough to be published by Parallax Press in early 2018 or contact us if you want to bring Jen and Gina to your town.

For those interested in our next retreat at Sivananda Bahamas we look forward to being back in early 2019 after our book has launched. Check back this summer so you can save the date early!