Practice Days

Practice Days are in-person workshops that give you the opportunity to put habits, knowledge and applied tools learned in our Transformational Coaching program and Course of Study into practice within a supportive community.

Practice Day: Strategy in Action

Leaders must be strategic to lead well. In Strategy in Action, we explore the importance of visualizing future goals and teach you how to harness deep self-knowledge, strategic thinking, detailed planning and inspired leadership to launch that future. Once your strategic choices are made and your course of action is carefully mapped, we help you bring all of your resources, inner and outer, to bear in the service of your bold vision.


Practice Day: Embodied Leadership

In Embodied Leadership, we explore the relevance of the mind-body connection to your leadership approach and ability to ignite success in others. This exploration includes strategies to help you develop greater self-awareness of your inner experience and how it shapes your ability to create nurturing environments for yourself, your colleagues and your team.