Transformational Coaching

Lasting, sustainable change begins with each of us.

Deepen your capacity, cultivate agility and emotional range, and lead in turbulent times.

In our work we emphasize a few key ideals to support leaders:

  1. The use of practices, experiments and inquiry as gateways to developing new leadership capabilities.
  2. The capacity to see the dominant mindset that are impinging on your capacity to create unprecedented results and maintain them.
  3. Interventions that will allow you to rest so you can stay vibrant and thriving and gain time back for the things you care about most.

We bring 100% of our focus to these unique coaching partnerships: our whole selves, our hearts, our minds, our time and our fullest capabilities as coaches, consultants and facilitators. And all we ask is that you be ready to do the same.

Who It’s For

Entrepreneurs, academicians, creative professionals and organizational leaders, Transformational Coaching is a tailored executive and leadership coaching experience with one of the Seven Stones braintrust, Jennifer Cohen and Gina LaRoche, or one of our senior coaches who provide impeccable client care and have a depth of training and experience.

What to Expect

Our Transformational Coaching partnerships usually last for six months to two years.

For many of our clients, the program includes traditional leadership coaching methods combined with support as needed. This can include shadow coaching—for example, travel to presentations, client meetings and internal strategy events—and even working with important stakeholders on your team or in your organization.


  • Embrace your gifts, wisdom and purpose and learn to express them fearlessly to the world.
  • Increase your capacity to make your mark on your organization and your community.
  • Design and create intentional outcomes for your life and organization.
  • Learn to flow with life’s ups and downs, managing transitions gracefully and navigating complexities from a place of calm and resilience.
  • Adopt a fundamental mood of joyful, playful curiosity. Moods are contagious.
  • Learn how to operate in partnership and not work as a lone ranger.
  • Increase your ability to specify and articulate your dreams, both personal and professional, and take powerful action to bring your visions to fruition.
  • Learn to master delivering difficult communications and challenging conversations.


To find out if Transformational Coaching should be your next bold move, call us at 617.531.3548 or complete the inquiry form.