Customized Programs

Organizations are organic and always changing.

Through our custom services, we might partner with your senior leader for one-on-one Transformational Coaching and then reinforce best practices through group coaching or leadership workshops with your senior team. Or we might design system-wide learning programs in mindfulness, leadership, strategy or communications.

Whatever approach we recommend will consider your strategic objectives, culture, climate, and unique opportunities and challenges. We will then co-create the outcomes you want to commit to and fulfill on.


Group Coaching


Facilitation & Training



Group Coaching

We are shaped and reshaped in relationship. Empower your team to acknowledge and respect differences, create psychological safety, and hold crucial conversations.

Custom designed for your organization, Group Coaching allows the team to create collective goals and commitments to each other while giving individuals the ability to make progress on their individual growth.

Who It's For

  • The organizations that have a bold vision and vibrant mission
  • Those that recognize there is a need for cultivating capacity within their teams to fulfill on their goals
  • Any leader deeply committed to deliver excellence to all their stakeholders

What to Expect

  • Practice in a lab-like atmosphere: experiment, take risks and invent new moves
  • Craft community agreements for how they'll work and hold each other accountable in the coaching room as well as in their organization
  • Gain an understanding of the body as a critical vehicle for developing themselves as leaders
  • Tap into a depth of an always available and renewable resource that is within then and within their group or team
  • Understand that a mindful presence is critical to our effectiveness as leaders
  • Create and commit to practices to use each day that will enhance their well‐being, their effectiveness and their leadership agenda

We design the group coaching offering to fit the needs of your company climate, vision, immediate needs and budget. We start our offering with the following over a nine month period:

  • A custom coaching plan tailored to the individual that allows for personal commitments and learning goals
  • At least two one-on-one coaching sessions to define individual coaching goals, and to complete the program
  • A minimum of eight group coaching sessions approximately every four weeks

For more information about Group Coaching, call us at 978.314.0718 or reach out to us via our contact form.

Facilitation & Training

What to Expect

When designing a retreat or training program for our clients, we spend time with you and your staff doing one-on-one interviews and web surveys to understand the dynamics of the team, organization and industry. Following this first phase, we review and analyze all of the data collected and choose existing frameworks or craft new ones. We also customize case studies and conversations that fit your specific industry and needs. Then the facilitator(s) finalize the content and delivery approach, which includes a detailed agenda for our work together. Our approach expressly allows for participants to speak the truth to all who are in the room.

We have conducted retreats for large corporations and small non-profit teams, and have led trainings and workshops in university executive education programs and in corporate business schools.

Sampling of Facilitation and Skill-Building Frameworks We Use

  • Team Building & Effectiveness
  • Covenanted Teams
  • Leading Teams
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Personal Leadership
  • Group Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leading Change
  • Creating a Collaborative Culture
  • Strategic Networking
  • The Power of Mentoring
  • Action Learning
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Authentic Communication
  • Values, Beliefs and the drivers of Behavior
  • Presentation, Presence and Ease
  • The Cost of Silence: Bystander Intervention
  • Relational Practice
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Generative Conversations

For more information about our facilitation and training services, call us at 978.314.0718 or complete the inquiry form.


We  address the complexity in corporate cultures, developing leaders to be their best selves and igniting passion in all members of the organization.


  • Discover new ways of using power to increase effectiveness and maintain the highest standards of dignity and ethical action
  • Design outcomes for your organization that will galvanize your constituency
  • Create a work environment that brings honor and dignity to all members of the team
  • Learn to master delivering difficult communications and challenging conversations
  • Engage in strategic thinking and planning in an ethical and just way
  • Discover effective ways to create integrity and hold each other accountable

The Leadership Academy: A Seven Stones Specialty

With changing economic conditions and the impending retirement of millions of leaders, it is imperative that organizations invest in in-house talent. We have developed leadership academies ranging in length from six weeks to two years. These customized programs develop leadership at any level.


For more information about our consulting services, call us at 978.314.0718 or complete the inquiry form.

"Thanks for a totally outstanding two days. This was such a valuable experience for me in so many ways. Your training and facilitation skills are a beautiful thing to experience and to behold, the perspectives I gained on the material were extremely important, and the community you attracted and created was powerful beyond measure."

– Steve Heller