Practice Day: Strategy in Action

In Strategy in Action, we explore the importance of visualizing future goals and teach you how to harness deep self-knowledge, strategic thinking, detailed planning and inspired leadership to launch that future.

Who It’s For

  • Leaders of an organizational team looking to create a strategic roadmap that needs to align with a larger corporate vision and strategy
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, COOs, partners and board presidents who are setting the direction for an organization of any size
  • Any individual on a personal leadership journey or undertaking a transition and looking to create a new future

What to Expect

Leaders must be strategic to lead well. Come and join us for this one-day immersion that will teach you to marry the head and heart of leadership and craft your vision for the future, all while keeping an eye on the strategic forces that will shape your industry. Strategy in Action gives you the opportunity to look at your own leadership fitness and competency to see if you're ready for what's next. Once your strategic choices are made and your course of action is carefully mapped, we help you bring all of your resources—both inner and outer—to bear in the service of your bold vision.


By the end of this Practice Day, participants will be able to:

  • Gain access to and confidence in your ability to think strategically
  • Learn tools and practices for bringing your inner strategic genius to the surface
  • Recover your ability to pause and take the necessary time to think, create and flourish
  • Develop processes and frameworks to create a strategy for any project of any scope
  • Create a personalized plan of action with commitments for fulfillment
  • Align your legacy to the strategic vision of your organization
  • Lead your organization through times of strategic change
  • Become part of a community of leaders who lead organizations with dignity, grace and vision


For more information about scheduling the Strategy in Action Practice Day at your organization, call us at 617.531.3548 or reach out to us via our contact form.