Why Work with Us?

Humans are social beings. We’re shaped in every way imaginable through our interactions within the companies and organizations that touch our professional lives. There is great power and opportunity in our teams, and if we want to transform not just our own lives but also our communities and our world, we must learn how to transform and mobilize collectively with others.

Seven Stones works with enterprises, non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities to develop a whole suite of customized frameworks that address a wide range of needs. Our services include:

  • A Platinum Coaching program for founders, board chairs and members of the senior leadership team willing to make a yearlong coaching commitment that will support them in achieving outrageous results
  • Transformational Coaching geared toward senior executives and high-potential employees
  • Coaching for teams and groups
  • Workshops, training and facilitation
  • Organizational consulting
  • Speaking engagements

Within the organizational context, Seven Stones partners with business owners and entrepreneurs, supervisors, managers, directors, C-level executives and board members, as well as groups and teams, to craft and then respond to the questions that are critical to the future of your organization.

Working together with us, you’ll learn to:

  • Re-think your beliefs, and ditch the ones getting in the way of your future
  • Get in shape to innovate and respond to the opportunities and challenges of a complex world
  • Find new solutions and pathways that serve your organizational community
  • Gain access to and confidence in your ability to think strategically
  • Align plans and actions to the strategic vision of your organization
  • Lead your organization through times of change with dignity, grace and vision
  • Stand for a world that works for all beings, not just a few

As we work together, you’ll come to discover that you’re part of a larger movement—a movement that believes and declares that the world can be a thriving, just and fulfilling place for us all. This includes looking at stakeholders with fresh eyes, asking what is enough on a finite planet and learning to create workplaces that truly sustain the people who serve them.