Our Approach & Process

Engage minds and hearts in connection inspire us to serve something greater than ourselves.

Our Approach

We begin by encouraging our clients and practitioners to remember a simple truth: that all life matters equally. Our organizations, businesses, communities and lives can be re-envisioned and re-engineered to take all stakeholders fully into account. When we do, we experience profound fulfillment, alignment and well-being as we come to see ourselves as part of a larger whole.

We facilitate personal and professional growth by asking participants to recognize the dominant drivers of their current point of view about life and leading. We reveal, first and foremost, how the scarcity mindset can make us all feel stuck in a cycle of alienation, fear and struggle—and then go on to support participants as they re-invent, re-design and re-create a mindset and structure that are both sustainable and sustaining. In this ever-deepening process of self-discovery, participants come to recognize and feel supported by the bounty of resources already available and readily at hand.

Our Offerings

The guiding philosophy behind our approach is called Sustainable Abundance.

Within Sustainable Abundance, we’ve developed a range of customizable frameworks for organizations, a transformational system of coaching programs, learning experiences and in-practice workshops for individuals, and advanced training for coaches and trainers.

Our Process

The Seven Steps to Sustainable Abundance

Our seven-step process to achieving Sustainable Abundance is designed to take you on an ever-deepening journey of self-discovery that empowers you to let go of the scarcity mindset and enrich your personal and professional lives, your community and your world.


This is the path you’ll follow as you undertake your journey through any of our learning programs, coaching partnerships or consulting engagements.

"It’s powerful and profound and focused on helping people bring their whole selves wherever they go and live and lead from a centered place of sufficiency."

- Transformational Coaching Participant