Our Philosophy

What is Sustabu?

Your life. Your organization. Your world.

Created from love, joy, community and purpose.


Affectionately nicknamed Sustabu, Sustainable Abundance is a leadership movement at the intersection of personal development and global sustainability. It guides each of us to achieve our true potential as individuals and as leaders, in a way that affirms the value of all life.

Sustainable Abundance invites us to ask—and teaches us to answer—one fundamental question:

What is enough?

So why Sustainable Abundance? Sustainable because there are no quick-fixes in life, and our movement pursues a deeper truth and way of being that has the power to create lives, communities and organizations that will stand the test of time. Abundance because it teaches us how to embrace what is full, exquisite and already available in our lives.

Sustainable Abundance is also a framework that equips us to feel, think, speak and act in response to the stressors of everyday life, and to triumph over the doubt, worry, fear and shame that keep us from achieving our true potential.

Sustainable Abundance is both a philosophy and a concrete learning program that teaches applied leadership strategies and frameworks. Our goal is to support you in developing new habits by equipping you with practices and tools that you can use in work and in life to transcend society’s scarcity myths and embrace the belief that who you are and what you have are, simply, enough.

By integrating philosophy and practice in this way, our programs teach you to listen to yourself and to others, discover your needs, define your values, align your actions with your priorities and unlock your potential as a leader. Our leadership programs also put your personal leadership journey into a larger global context, plugging you into a vibrant community whose collective efforts express a care for all of life, respect the limits of the earth and strive to return us to the gift that was given for free to all beings.

“Happiness is very serious business. The Dogma of limitless productivity and growth in a finite world is unsustainable and unfair for future generations.”

– Jigme Thinely, Prime Minister of Bhutan 1952–1964