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What if?


I once heard someone say that the phrase ‘what if’ made them crazy. I was struck by the veracity of that comment mainly because it clearly troubled them and I hadn’t ever thought about it. I was surprised that I hadn’t because after all, the in The Tools of Sufficiency, I claim that ‘what is’Read the Rest…

Scarcity, the destination of the road I travel by?

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I remember hearing about 20 years ago that happiness was a journey not a destination. That notion itself made me happy because happiness was elusive to me back then, and I thought, “great I have plenty of time to find it.” When I started my own personal inquiry into sufficiency, I told myself it thisRead the Rest…

Finding My Enough Line


The first time I was conscious of using enough in my life was when I trained our dog, Scout. She came home at 12 weeks in April of 1994. Because I had never owned a dog and I knew she would get to be 70+ pounds of pure muscle, I immersed myself in reading severalRead the Rest…

Movement, Love & Joy

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  May my body Move toward its calling in this moment. May I feel Love flow in me and through me. May my heart be open to the experience of Joy today.   Excerpted from: Living in Sufficiency: A Daily Journey

What Would Martin Do?

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On Sunday my minister preached on WWMD (What Would Martin Do?) as homage to the bracelets that many Christian youths wore about a decade ago as a reminder to ask themselves, when up against a moral dilemma, what would Jesus do? (WWJD) On the Celebration of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. our minister challengedRead the Rest…


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I have said many times that shame is a weapon of Scarcity. I have said it is The Atomic Bomb of weapons. I had a thought this past Friday, what is shame? Is it guilt? Where does it come from? Looking in the Oxford English Dictionary doesn’t quite describe what shame is for me: TheRead the Rest…

Creation, Connection & Grace

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I am honored to begin a new year. I am proud, confident and strong. This year is Created through my Connection to Source and is celebrated as Grace flows through me. Excerpt from Living in Sufficiency: A Daily Journey

Service & Completion

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My inner voice is heard, my passion ignites, my soul heals. I powerfully Complete this year with love and compassion. I create next year to allow for my life to work as I design in partnership with Source.   It Don’t Mean a thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing  –Duke Ellington   Excerpt from Living inRead the Rest…

Love, My Word & Flow

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I am Love personified with every heartbeat. Love fills me and flows to each and every person with whom I interact with today.  My Word is all I have to keep me grounded in truth. I treat it as it is the most valuable possession I own. Excerpt from Living in Sufficiency: A Daily JourneyRead the Rest…

Awareness, Commitment & Community

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Am I Aware of others around me? Do I notice the person who is hungry, lonely, suffering? Am I walking around cut off from my Community, my neighbors and my family? Today I Commit to look into my neighbors’ eyes and see who they are. I listen to the words of my colleagues and helpRead the Rest…

Notes from Our Readers

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