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You Belong.

By Seven Stones Leadership

I Belong. Period. Full stop. That is law number 3 of The 7 Laws of Enough. We have been challenged during the pandemic to recognize the truth of this law. It has become hard over the past few months to know where to belong, particularly if you have not been able to see your family,…

Creation Itself

By Gina LaRoche

….it is work that fulfills and makes you come into wholeness, and that goes on through a lifetime. Whatever the wounds that have to heal, the moment of creation assures that all is well, that one is still in tune with the universe, that the inner chaos can be probed and distilled into order and…

2019 Completion

By Gina LaRoche

  Every year at Seven Stones we offer our clients a completion process. This year’s process is designed inside Sustainable Abundance. This is an opportunity to look where and how you have created and lived a life in Sustainable Abundance. This work is designed to be written; you will have four lists at the end…


By Jen Cohen

Share with us how you celebrate #GivingTuesday In our culture, giving often has an air of separation and distance embedded within it. When we give to organizations far-flung across the world, we give to people and places we have never been or will never meet and while that’s not bad, sometimes it perpetuates a kind…