What the heck is Sustainable Abundance?
It's a radiant and inspired leadership movement that begins at the intersection of personal development and global sustainability. It guides each of us to achieve our true potential as individuals and as leaders, in a way that affirms the value of all life.

Where to Start

Take the Scarcity Assessment

The path to Sustainable Abundance can be blocked by scarcity—the sense that there is not enough. Scarcity can be external, like food, oil, friendship or internal, such as self-worth, compassion or gratitude. Most of us suffer from a mindset of scarcity. Wonder if you do too?

Our one-minute Scarcity Assessment will give you concrete actions to take on your journey into Sustainable Abundance.

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Enroll in Our Course of Study– Sustainable Abundance: A Leadership Journey

A three part course in the practice and philosophy of Sustainable Abundance. You will Discover practical tools, healthier habits and smarter strategies that guide you to a deeper sense of self-knowledge, purpose, fulfillment and community

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For Individuals

Enrich your personal and professional life, your community and your world.


For Teams & Organizations

Transform and mobilize your organization by cultivating high-potential employees, improving group dynamics or developing your own leadership skills.


For Coaches & Trainers

Deepen your expertise and learn how to guide others as they embark on a personal journey from Scarcity to Sustainable Abundance.

About Seven Stones

Seven Stones is a leadership journeys company founded in 2009 by Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen. Our learning programs, coaching practice, organizational consulting engagements and groundbreaking thought leadership work are all designed to help bring about a world that is loving, courageous and just.


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Our free, one-hour calls are your chance to build community and develop new tools to support our shared commitment to living and leading in Sustainable Abundance. You're welcome to participate in the conversation or just listen along.

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Becoming Awake To Our Privilege:

A call for anyone of European Descent who wishes to explore how racism has shaped our minds and our hearts and how we can become part of the solution.

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"I can hardly believe the progress I made. Seven Stones was able to strike the perfect balance between challenging me and giving me the safety and confidence I needed to face my personal and professional challenges. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
– Elizabeth, Management Consultant

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Sneak Peek of New Book Coming June 19!

By Gina LaRoche & Jennifer Cohen “What if the truth is that everything is OK? Like, Garden of Eden OK? It’s hard to imagine. But it is the truth of sufficiency. Here are the facts: there is enough food, air, water, and other necessities for every human being on the plant to live a quality…

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The long wait is almost over: The 7 Laws of Enough goes on sale June 19!

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Step 2: Cultivating Sustainable Abundance

Enough already! It is time for a world that works for all. Be part of a growing movement that takes a stand for an idea whose time has come.
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