We invite all who are on a journey to join us in Sustainable Abundance.

sustabu \`səs-tə-bü\
What the heck is Sustainable Abundance?
It's a radiant and inspired leadership movement that begins at the intersection of personal development and global sustainability. It guides each of us to achieve our true potential as individuals and as leaders, in a way that affirms the value of all life.

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Wondering if you too are suffering from the mindset of scarcity?

Our one-minute Scarcity Assessment will tell you where you fall on the scarcity-to-excess spectrum, and give you concrete actions to take as you set out on your journey into Sustainable Abundance.

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The Seven Stones Course of Study

Our curriculum of courses is designed to inspire, teach and support individuals, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders as they undertake a courageous and rewarding leadership journey into Sustainable Abundance. In addition to teaching practical tools, healthier habits and smarter strategies, our course of study guides participants to discover a deeper sense of self-knowledge, purpose, fulfillment and community.

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Working with Teams and Organizations

Our leadership programs are designed for individuals as well as enterprises and non-profit organizations, for whom we can craft customized frameworks to address a wide range of needs. Our suite of services includes Transformational Coaching for senior executives and high-potential employees, coaching for teams and groups, workshops, training, facilitation and organizational consulting. We’re also available for speaking engagements.

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"I can hardly believe the progress I made. Seven Stones was able to strike the perfect balance between challenging me and giving me the safety and confidence I needed to face my personal and professional challenges. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Elizabeth, Management Consultant


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Seven Stones is a vibrant community of inspired leaders who bring respect, clarity, truth and love to everything we do.

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Last week was quite a week for the United States and the world. Some of us woke up elated that, finally, we have elected a fresh face to the political scene. Someone dynamic, charismatic with new ideas and certainly a different approach to politics. Some of us woke feeling quite the opposite; that we have…

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Our Forthcoming Book

To further illuminate the story of Sustainable Abundance, we offer you The Seven Laws of Enough. As we become context creators, authors of our own narrative and a new narrative for the world we have the seven laws to guide us, remind us, inspire us, and light the way. Due out spring 2018, published by Parallax Press.

Upcoming Events

Join Us in the Bahamas
February 18-21

Join us for The Seven Laws of Enough: Your life. Sustainable. Abundant. This destination course is an opportunity to open your heart, nourish yourself and co-create a life that is abundant and sustainable.

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Community Call: Inaugurating 2017
January 20

Join Sevens Stones as we launch a year of community calls starting with creating our year with intention and attention. Join Gina LaRoche and our new Community Call host Rick Wright for an engaging conversation.

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