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Community: where we rest and our greatest resource for creating a future that works for all.

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We’re a leadership journeys company. We offer learning programs, transformational coaching, organizational consulting and groundbreaking thought leadership.

Everything we do is built on a foundation of Sustainable Abundance and is designed to help bring about a world that is loving, courageous and just.

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An Entrepreneur or Change Agent?

> Coaching you to greatness

> Business building and team development

> An Accelerator for early state high-growth companies


In Transition?

> First 100 days of new job or promotion

> Personal Coaching for life’s curve balls

> Virtual Group coaching for living with uncertainty


Leading in an Organizational System?

> Executive Coaching for leading in turbulent times

> Strategic Advising

> Group Coaching & Team Development


Coaching and Advising others?

> Creating a business for the future

> Developing a framework for differentiation

> Supervision for coaching mastery

The Story of Sustainable Abundance: A New Way of Living and Leading

Take the scare out of scarcity and gain refreshing alternatives for your life, career and communities. Discover that you are, do and have enough already. You’ll find inspiration, experiments, inquiries and practices to cultivate a life of Sustainable Abundance.

The Story of Sustainable Abundance: A New Way of Living and Leading

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We are all on a lifelong learning journey. We have found that inquiries, practices and conversations provide powerful access to transformation.


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"I can hardly believe the progress I made. Seven Stones was able to strike the perfect balance between challenging me and giving me the safety and confidence I needed to face my personal and professional challenges. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
– Elizabeth, Management Consultant


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You Belong.

I Belong. Period. Full stop. That is law number 3 of The 7 Laws of Enough. We have been challenged during the pandemic to recognize the truth of this law. It has become hard over the past few months to know where to belong, particularly if you have not been able to see your family,…

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"Executives are turning to their longtime coaches to help them navigate the uncertainty—and unprecedented leadership challenges—presented by the coronavirus pandemic."

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Upcoming Events

Jen and Gina Join the Round Table
June 5 | Virtual

“Round Table with Sharifah Hardie” allows multiple guests the opportunity to sit down in a round table discussion on current events and the topics guests are most passionate about. Jen and Gina will be talking to Sharifah about Community and bringing people together so we can not only survive, but thrive.