About Seven Stones

The Seven Laws of Enough:

1. Stories Matter

2. I Am Enough

3. I Belong

4. No One is Exempt

5. Resting is Required

6. Joy is Available

7. Love is the Answer

Seven Stones founders Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen met each other in 2005 through a collegial group dedicated to looking at the distinction of sufficiency. After discovering they shared a common way of seeing and thinking about the world, as well as a passion to pursue meaningful work that could have a positive impact on both individuals and society, they began collaborating together and eventually founded Seven Stones Leadership Group in 2009.
Our learning programs, coaching practice, organizational consulting engagements
and groundbreaking thought leadership work are all designed to help
bring about a world that is loving, courageous and just.

Shifting from Scarcity to Sustainable Abundance

We pursue this vision primarily by shifting the paradigm from one of scarcity to one of Sustainable Abundance in the individuals, organizations and communities with whom we work.

In this spirit, Seven Stones offers a new worldview that we want your help to create: one wide enough and deep enough to heal a planet; one generative enough to build a new model for doing business and defining success; one far-reaching enough to generate new metrics and a new economics; and one solid enough to allow people to experience deeply the truth of who they are.

The Seven Stones of Sustainable Abundance

We aim to immerse our program participants, clients and partners in a totally new experience—the feeling that fills you when you allow scarcity to give way to abundance, whether in your home or in your place of work.

We call this experience the Seven Stones of Sustainable Abundance: respect, love, courage, truth, opportunity, wisdom and clarity. Each stone rests on and supports the others to transform how we see our fellow human beings, our organizations, the natural world and ourselves. Courage overcomes fear; love and respect dissolve contempt and disregard; truth exposes dishonesty; opportunity opens closed minds; and clarity and wisdom reveal a better way forward.



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"What a beautiful, nurturing and honourable process. ...the interactive answers and participation was invaluable too and it was a perfect balance of leading and sharing. I am so moved and grateful for the simplicity and sacredness or grace of these laws and for the Host(s) clarity and leadership and acknowledgement of anyone who shared."

– Linda Robinson