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2019 Completion

By Gina LaRoche


Every year at Seven Stones we offer our clients a completion process. This year’s process is designed inside Sustainable Abundance. This is an opportunity to look where and how you have created and lived a life in Sustainable Abundance. This work is designed to be written; you will have four lists at the end of the inquiry. You can use the lists as a part of a ritual you design for yourself.

Sustainable: ethical, reciprocal, just

Abundance: full, radiant, present to the bounty everywhere


Am I present to my values? Did I honor them well this year?

What promises did I make to myself and others this year?

Have I fulfilled on these promises? If yes, write them under your “Celebrations List.”*

In what ways did I break down silo’s and care for others outside of my team, division, organization?

How well did I honor all stakeholders and not just the people I know and trust?

Who or what sustained me this year?

Who or what did I sustain and nourish this year?

In what ways did I offer generosity this year? Please make a “Giving List.”*

In what ways did I allow myself to receive this year? From whom? Please make a “Receiving List”*

Were any relationships cut off this year? If so, please make a “cut off” list*


Where did I strive this year?

Where can I slow down and take care?

Where am I life giving?

Is burn-out present in any area of my life?

Is nature a part of my practice and life?

In what ways Is joy available to me?

For what am I grateful?

Where did I notice the bounty? What happens when I take in what is already here?

How will I to acknowledge those who nourished me?

What ritual am I willing to create to complete my year?


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