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We invite you to explore our thoughts, ideas and reflections on our journey through the maze of scarcity into our understanding of Sustainable Abundance.

I Belong

By Danielle King

“I belong, I know I belong because I am here” All it took was four words—four simple words on a piece of cardboard—to transform an anxious and uncomfortable experience into an easygoing one instead. On a recent road trip, I encountered these four transformative words, and they changed my way of thinking about where I…

I Am Enough

By Sue Richardson

“We are born fully complete, creative, resourceful and capable,” we write in the 7 laws of enough. Think about that. We often forget this truth because we live in a model of scarcity—of “not enough”—as individuals, communities and in society as a whole. At the individual level, scarcity looks something like “I’m not rich enough,…

Stories Matter

By Gina LaRoche

What is my story? We begin our journey by recognizing the stories we tell ourselves and the ones that were handed to us as a birthright. These stories become a set of invisible forces – social, cultural, economic and environmental – that are shaping our beliefs and assumptions. They can have undue influence on our…

The Kind Leader

By Gina LaRoche

Can we can create an organizational culture that delivers results, while holding human dignity at its core? I believe one way to do this in business is to train, equip and encourage leaders to develop a kind awareness as an essential competency. Most of the images we have are of cutthroat leaders following the playbook…

Reclaiming Love

By Jen Cohen

Love is always and forever available to all beings equally at all times. Love is neither a feeling nor is it dependent on another person’s show of affection toward you. Love is a place to stand, the antidote to fear and a potent and bountiful limitless source of life. Love does not require money. Love…