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By Jen Cohen

Share with us how you celebrate #GivingTuesday In our culture, giving often has an air of separation and distance embedded within it. When we give to organizations far-flung across the world, we give to people and places we have never been or will never meet and while that’s not bad, sometimes it perpetuates a kind…

Stepping Off the Wild Ride

By Gina LaRoche

“It’s easy to be grateful at a banquet.” Caroline Myss, author and spiritual teacher, likes to say “It’s easy to be grateful at a banquet.” But what about when life throws you curveball after curveball after curveball? Can you still be grateful then? About eighteen months ago, Jen and I were attending our year-end retreat….

Resting in a World on Fire

By Jen Cohen

When is the last time you felt deeply rested? On the Run: A dear colleague of mine recently told me that she feels guilty “every minute” she is not working. Ouch. What do you tell yourself about work, productivity, rest? What messages did your parents give you? What messages are we all constantly bombarded with?…

I Belong

By Danielle King

“I belong, I know I belong because I am here” All it took was four words—four simple words on a piece of cardboard—to transform an anxious and uncomfortable experience into an easygoing one instead. On a recent road trip, I encountered these four transformative words, and they changed my way of thinking about where I…

I Am Enough

By Sue Richardson

“We are born fully complete, creative, resourceful and capable,” we write in the 7 laws of enough. Think about that. We often forget this truth because we live in a model of scarcity—of “not enough”—as individuals, communities and in society as a whole. At the individual level, scarcity looks something like “I’m not rich enough,…