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We invite you to explore our thoughts, ideas and reflections on our journey through the maze of scarcity into our understanding of Sustainable Abundance.

The Practice of Sufficiency: Creating Context

By Shea Adelson

A Sufficiency Practice is really a spiritual practice, or a practice in mindfulness. In order to recognize our enoughness, we must come into presence, come into an inner state of quiet. From this ground of being, we are able to see the what is of reality, the perfection of the moment. In fact, it is impossible to deny from this seat of awareness. The only action we must take is creating the environment, set the stage, for this internal state to blossom forth from within.

Parenting from Sufficiency: Confession of a Guilty Mom

By Shea Adelson

My friend said it well – “Guilty Moms are a dime a dozen” – but I really had no idea all the ways in which I was feeling guilty (one of the top Weapons of Scarcity I use on myself regularly) until I started looking around my life. Take the trip we are going on that involves a six-hour drive one way. I am anxious for my three year old to be in the car for so long. Though I was given lots of advice about ideas to entertain her, I was loath to deal with the preparation. Find a DVD player to borrow, collect some DVDs, go to Target’s $1 area for cheap and new-to-her toys, and make some puppets and other home made activities. I had a deadline this week and wasn’t willing to spend my downtime making stuff. I didn’t want to spend the money; didn’t want to have TV in the car. I just didn’t want to deal.

Consumption as Scarcity or Abundance?

By Shea Adelson

More is Better, the unexamined cultural assumption that drives our economy and makes me feel special in a new pair of boots. But I am also afraid. I am afraid of energy descension (Peak Oil). I am afraid of climate change. Of higher and higher food prices. Of health care insurance and health care costs. I am afraid of what I am hearing and reading (Depletion and Abundance by Sharon Astyk, Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn) and I am afraid that so few of us are listening, including myself much of the time.

Consuming stuff makes me feel part of the world and it dulls my senses. Some experts are talking about the fact that the response loop to our actions is delayed in the earth’s response. So we can’t see it. Sitting still and listening, reading what the experts are actually saying, is frightening. At the moment I am strung between scarcity and abundance, fear and yearning. Sufficiency is the way out, the exit off the continuum of scarcity and abundance. If I could just get by the boots…