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A Moment to Remember

By Seven Stones

Last week was quite a week for the United States and the world. Some of us woke up elated that, finally, we have elected a fresh face to the political scene. Someone dynamic, charismatic with new ideas and certainly a different approach to politics. Some of us woke feeling quite the opposite; that we have…

Giving and Receiving

By Jen Cohen

What if we stopped using the loaded terms of giving and receiving and instead, started noticing that life moves back and forth. Like the sending and receiving of impulses, or like electricity that moves as a single current, waves flow back and forth, cells expand and contract, human beings flow back and forth. We human…

Overfed and Undernourished

By Jen Cohen

Overfed and undernourished. This is such a good metaphor for the primary breakdown of our American culture. On a 2000 calorie per day diet, we eat food that is depleted of vital nutrients and mostly dead, over heated, over cooked, over preserved and therefore provides little or no actual nourishment. Starving in a sea of…