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Skillfully Ill

By Shea Adelson

Here’s a riddle: What does a leader do when she’s sick? (Wait for the answer.) First, consider our options: We can ignore our illness and align ourselves with the traditional, cultural way:  to continue—or try to continue–to produce through our un-well condition. We often know the risks of this, but do it anyway. In this…

Sleep: Works Like Magic

By Sue Richardson

We aren’t always particularly skilled at making connections between our habits and the quality of our lives. It is just part of being human. I have been no exception, but as I relax into my 50th year of Iiving, one such association has finally become clear and I’d love to share it with you. If you know…

From getting to letting

By Shea Adelson

From getting to letting. For someone more familiar and comfortable with orchestrating, a wonderful euphemism for controlling, letting has become a practice into ease and peace. What, you may wonder, is letting in the first place? Letting is an access to allowing. A friend shared it perfectly inside of her relationship. “I just let him,”…

Watch Your Step

By Shea Adelson

Have you ever practiced walking meditation? The few times I have, I must admit, I just didn’t enjoy. So when my colleague Gina suggested walking meditation as an exercise to experience curiosity, a principal we were distinguishing for a learning curriculum in our Enough, Already! course, I begrudgingly agreed. What does this have to do with…

A Moment To Pause

By Gina LaRoche

I had the opportunity to spend time in Muir Woods a National Monument in Mill Valley, CA this week. It is a forest of Redwood trees preserved as part of our National Park System. The woods were beautiful, the trees are awe inspiring and I found a sense of peace as I walked. I have included…

No One is Exempt

By Jen Cohen

A dear trusted advisor to Seven Stones died last Wednesday; body crumbling and aching, filled with infection; spirit soaring, uplifted till the end, I’m told. The leading cause of death is, well, birth. Everything that arises will pass away. No one is exempt. It is one of the laws of enough. No one gets out alive…