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Overfed and Undernourished

By Jen Cohen

Overfed and undernourished. This is such a good metaphor for the primary breakdown of our American culture. On a 2000 calorie per day diet, we eat food that is depleted of vital nutrients and mostly dead, over heated, over cooked, over preserved and therefore provides little or no actual nourishment. Starving in a sea of…

Transition Practice

By Shea Adelson

In yoga class, and other mindful movement forms, we learn that breath directs our attention, and we learn to slow down transitions between postures. I’ve taught yoga and I’ve said such words. Great ideas! Fun in class! But off the mat, I’m not so sure I lived like these truths were true. This spring-time energy…

The Dynamics of Enough and Failure

By Sue Richardson

fail (feyl)  to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved (from   It doesn’t take us long to develop a comfort zone. Our comfort zone contains those areas where we are reasonably confident we’ll succeed—whatever that means to us. Even as kids we have one and that’s during the time of our lives when we are the most willing to fail. Stepping outside…

When Nothing is Enough

By Gina LaRoche

My colleague pinged me late last night and asked if I posted a blog. (Monday’s are my posting day.) “No,” I replied, “I have nothing to say.” I mean, I have a few half written blogs and poems in various states of completion, but … nothing feeling urgent. Then I realized: that is it. . . I…

“If only it were all so simple”

By Jen Cohen

“Little by little, we change the world we live in. Even the grand, earth-shaking events of history have their origins in individual thought.” Eknath Easwaran Terror-ism. “Ism” is a suffix that means “the adherence or following an ideology,” (online dictionary), making terrorism the ideology of terror or fear. Fear and terror are powerful forces. They motivate…