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We invite you to explore our thoughts, ideas and reflections on our journey through the maze of scarcity into our understanding of Sustainable Abundance.

Unwinding from Time

By Gina LaRoche

Time for a confession. I find myself in deep scarcity around time and my relationship to time. Despite my work with many, many clients about managing their relationships to time, I find myself stuck in the same place where many of my clients are. I am committed to, as one of my clients says, actually,…

Dojo Day 3

By Jen Cohen

 Day 3 of 3, Read Day One and Day Two. Reflection: I give myself away to these questions and let the poems alter me. I invite you to do the same. Inquiry: What are you made for? How do you deal with loss? Do you have to earn love? What is your current name for…

Dojo Day 2

By Jen Cohen

Part 2 of 3. Read Day one here… Inquiry: What do you love? Who do you love? What are you working on now in your life? We dissolve one shape to take on another through practice. What shape awaits you? Whose life are you trying to save? Can you hear your own voice yet? Poetry:…

Community Creation

By Gina LaRoche

Today we held a community call investigating creation and how to create what is next for us. I asked the participants who arrived early for the call to create something in the next two minutes. Here is a sample of what they created with my 2013 and January creation collages included. Enjoy! -gl ________________________________________________________________  …

17 Billion Earths

By Shea Adelson

On a sad or overwhelming day, when scarcity has a stronger or louder pull on us than the remembering of our being enough … and our desire for happiness feels inaccessible, put this in your mind … there are, count them: 17 billion Earth-sized planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way, alone. When the scientist interviewed…