Coach Evaluation

  • We ask that you take some time to reflect on and evaluate your satisfaction with your coach and your coaching relationship.

    We have provided a questionnaire below that encompasses specific areas in which we would like your feedback. Please feel free to share broader comments to help us understand your degree of satisfaction with your coaching experience and the nuances of what were the strengths and challenges of your coaching relationship vis-a-vis your goals for this coaching initiative.

    We have a commitment to provide you with top-notch coaching and for you to have a positive experience of working with Seven Stones Leadership as a provider of coaching services. We welcome your candid feedback as well as recommendations for improvements that would have enhanced your coaching success and business results.

  • Overview

  • Competency

  • Listening. Coach fostered an ability to slow down time and allow for a period of contemplation, emotional awareness and powerful shared reflection. Your coach’s responses and questions deepen your self-understanding while their input promotes new possibilities and emboldens your thinking.
  • Know and not know simultaneously. Coach has clear expertise, wisdom and business acumen but also models humility, curiosity and the skill of dialogue and joint exploration.
  • Inviting/ Leading You. The coach is competent to guide you to new valuable insights and choices you would not or could not have had otherwise.
  • Manages commitments well. Coach makes clear promises to you and delivers consistently. Coach reliably renegotiates commitments as needed, including asking for help, referring you to others for specific needs or otherwise demonstrating accountability.
  • Client boundaries and vulnerabilities honored. Coach respects your limits but can also challenge and push you. The coach is rigorous and consistent in supporting you to follow-through on commitments within the coaching relationship but balances that with the requisite patience and flexibility.
  • Coach is able to create mutually valuable rich exchanges. Each coaching conversation mapped closely to your objectives and held value for you towards your desired business outcomes and enhanced personal awareness.
  • Coach operates with integrity. There is congruence between how they present or describe themselves and how you experience them in their relationship with you. They hold the highest standards of professional ethics and professionalism in their coaching.
  • Invite feedback; elicit satisfaction/ dissatisfaction. Coach is willing to listen, learn, and take in all of your feedback and any concerns that you surfaced.
  • You felt that your coach was serving your best interests at all times.
  • Assess client’s capacity at each moment. Coach is able to gauge how deep to go at any given time in the coaching exchange. Coach respected client’s desired level of intrapersonal exploration and kept a good balance between business issues and action challenges and fostering emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
  • Accountability. Coach is accountable for his/her vulnerabilities and for mistakes in this relationship and stands for you to do the same.
  • Strengthening the coaching relationship. Coach was able to open and facilitate candid conversations about your satisfaction with the coaching conversations and respond to surfaced concerns. Coach took risks to allow new levels of trust and depth and move the coaching to a state of openness and richness. Coach checked in between sessions and reliably offered and responded to requests for help. Coach commented on and responded to your assignments.
  • Methods

    It is likely that over the course of the coaching engagement your coach has shared with you numerous models, frameworks and tools. We are eager to learn which particular set of ideas or resources provided were of high value for improving your client performance and moving you towards your coaching goals.
  • Testimonial

    Would you be willing to give us a testimonial about our work together? If Yes what would you like communicate and let us know how you would like to be identified when we use your words:
  • We are grateful to you for taking the time to offer us feedback and insight into the process of your coaching experience with us. Your input is invaluable in how we design and develop our coaching practice going forward. Thank you!
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