I read this article today about the ‘globals’ generation – the upcoming generation of young adults who are re-writing the american dream.

This article, called Globals Generation Focuses On Experience, caught my eye since at Seven Stones we talk so much about the dream of scarcity and excess that we in the modern world take as real. And, we understand that the dream we live in that creates our beliefs, norms, and behaviors, operating so far in the background, we – all of us – often do not know they exist. So to have a whole generation calling for the re-writing of the dream that has gotten us into so much distress as a nation is some of the best and most encouraging news I have heard of late.

John Perkins, author, economist, shaman, says: “We have dreamed it therefore it is. I have become convinced that everything we think and feel is merely perception: that our lives – individually and communally – are molded around such perception: and that if we want to change, we must alter our perception.  When we give our energy to a different dream, the world is transformed. To create a new world, we must first create a new dream.”

If this generation creates a new dream sourced by the knowing of our own exquisite enoughness – the reality that what I do effects what you do even half a world away –  then we may begin to have the will to solve some of the worlds most pressing challenges. Al Gore says it is not that we do not have the solutions to the problems we face. It is that we lack the collective will to make the change happen in the face of the compelling dream of modern life, a story that reveres individual gain and pursuit out of balance with our collective well-being and deeper understanding of our interconnected nature.

So dare to dream people. It may just create a whole new world; one habitable by our children’s children and sourced from knowing what is enough for each of us and for all. Thank you globals for your new voice on the matter. We are counting on you.


By: Jennifer Cohen