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Is 2014 your year,

 to make an imprint on the world through

your presence and action?


If it is then its time to engage with us to create your

life with purpose and clarity.


Transformational Coaching is available to fulfill your bold aspirations.

Our Enough, Already courses are expansive, alive, and gratifying.

The Seven Stones community is flourishing and ever-deepening.

Come join us in the diverse, immersive ways to participate NOW.

Notice how now is the perfect time to Treat Your Whole Being to…

The Laws of Enough:

You are enough

You belong

It is already all right

No one is exempt

Humor is required &

Love is the answer–always

Read on… 


Sufficiency Card Deck

…makes a lovely gift…


Gift your friend – parent, sibling, child, colleague or client – a moment of connection – to allow and listen, or to pause, or for humor with the Tools of Sufficiency Card Deck. They are right now beautifying the desks of CEOs and in the handbags of a coach on the go. You can see all the images of the artwork here on Pinterest. If you are ready to gift yourself or another, purchase here now.


Our Sufficiency Starter Kit

The kit of 3 colorful cards include Tools of Sufficiency/Weapons of Scarcity, The Most Pressing Questions, Our Methodology and a definition of The Seven Stones. These are great for your leadership practice, your teams or your personal development! If you send us your mailing address we will send the three cards directly to you.

Curious about Sufficiency?

Listen to an interview with Jen Cohen and Gina LaRoche about What is Sufficiency? on See Jane Do, capturing every day stories of women everywhere. Listen here


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I just wanted to tell you how much value I have been getting from the Daily Sufficiency postings. They always seem to arrive at just the right moment with just the right message. What a great reminder. Thank you. ~Community Member