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At the turn of the year it is a great time to create the container for our lives and our work.

Will you join Seven Stones Leadership Group this year in designing 2015?

Be part of a growing group of leaders committed to leading in a world where everyone matters. Have a look at our client Adria Goodson and her TEDX talk. Change the World, Join A Movement!

In this 10 minute video Adria shares a bit of her personal history as a daughter of the Black Freedom Movement in the 1950s and 1960s and introduces you to two modern day social movement leaders: Prime Mover Fellows Saru Jayaraman and Judith Browne Dianis. Building collective power, one person at a time, one focused step at a time, can change the world for the better and movement leaders invite you to join in the journey.

Get inspired. Then get support for your great vision.


Is this your year

to make an imprint on the world through

your presence and action?


If it is, then it’s time to engage with us to create your

life with purpose and clarity.


Transformational Coaching is available to fulfill your bold aspirations.

Our Enough, Already courses are expansive, alive, and gratifying.

The Seven Stones community is flourishing and ever-deepening.

Come join us in the diverse, immersive ways to participate NOW.

Design your year with our creation starter kit.


The Laws of Enough:
The context is decisive
You are enough already
You belong…period
It is already all right
No one is exempt
Humor is required
Love is the answer
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