Organizational Leadership
The Personal Journey
What is Enough


Is this your moment

to make your mark on the world through

your presence and actions?


If it is, then let’s create your

life and your leadership with purpose and clarity with your values to guide you,  and with your heart and mind aligned in the service of something great.


Transformational Coaching is available to fulfill your bold aspirations.

Our Enough, Already courses are expansive, alive, and gratifying.

The Seven Stones community is flourishing and ever-deepening.

Come join us in the diverse, immersive ways to participate NOW.

Design your year with our creation starter kit.


The Laws of Enough:

The context is decisive

You are enough already

You belong…period

It is already all right

No one is exempt

Humor is required

Love is the answer

Read on…

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IF… You want to debunk the endemic myths  of scarcity and fear  that pervade AND…

You insist that your work contribute to the greater good  of your enterprise as well as our human community, You have an appetite to create something great,   and know it requires going beyond what you already know, You’re committed to a world where everyone matters and know we must re-invent our organizations and communities – Read On…