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What is Enough


Autumn is the time for transformation to reveal its truest bounty.

Please feel cordially invited to feast with us this fall.

Take a look and notice what calls to you.

Advanced Training for Coaches — For those of you who are coaches, trusted advisors or are interested in deepening their skills. Join Jen in partnership with Julie Engel in a 9-month Juicy, Whole-Hearted, Deeply Transformative community journey of learning.

  • January 15-16, 2015: Tuning Your Instrument: The power of YOUR presence in coaching
  • March 26-27, 2015: Somatics and Neuroscience: Body and the Brain as primary dimensions of leadership
  • June 11-12, 2015: Ontology: Language as the primary currency for leaders
  • September 17-18, 2015: Games Worth Playing: Using the structures of games worth playing to create high leverage leaders

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Is this your year,

to make an imprint on the world through

your presence and action?


If it is then its time to engage with us to create your

life with purpose and clarity.


Transformational Coaching is available to fulfill your bold aspirations.

Our Enough, Already courses are expansive, alive, and gratifying.

The Seven Stones community is flourishing and ever-deepening.

Come join us in the diverse, immersive ways to participate NOW.

Notice how now is the perfect time to Treat Your Whole Being to…

The Laws of Enough:

The context is decisive
You are enough
You belong…period
It is already all right
No one is exempt
Humor is required &
Love is the answer–always

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