Seven Stones Community

Navigate the world and all of our challenges through the lens of Sustainable Abundance and the Seven Laws of Enough

The Seven Stones Online Community is a bold invitation to live, work and thrive in Sustainable Abundance and the 7 Laws of Enough. You’ll learn the practices and tools needed to go beyond what’s probable, imagine anew, invent what is possible and forge a path forward. The activities and gatherings in this online space (via Mighty Networks) include bold conversations, innovative practices and provocative experiments. This community is filled with exceptionally thoughtful, skillful and committed change-makers.

What to Expect

In our Seven Stones Online Community we create learning journeys and provide training, thought leadership and resources for walking our talk together. You will learn what’s needed to imagine anew, go beyond what’s probable, invent what is possible and forge a path forward. We incubate new futures. And we do it while sharing ourselves honestly and we step over nothing.

What might this look like?

  • Courageous conversations on Equity, Power and Belonging.
  • Experiments in new ways to relate to Time, Money, and Relationships.
  • Innovative thought leadership on topics such as Communication, Creation and Renewal.
  • Weekly live guided Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Quarterly retreats on Embodied Leadership and Healing Collective Trauma.
  • Invitations to workshops, trainings, and guest speakers.
  • A vibrant community who is on the forefront of the intersection of Leadership and Social innovation.

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There is no cost to join our Seven Stones Online Community and experiment with us!

Please note that we will periodically provide paid offerings such as courses, deepening workshops, and retreats for your consideration. With paid offerings, you will have access to the Generosity Marketplace at the time of purchase as we are committed to making our Seven Stones Online Community accessible to all.

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"The Community has been a most welcome source of respite, peace and regeneration for me during this turbulent time. I now have Community gatherings built into my calendar like regular meetings... I always leave practice more centered and focused than when I came and I head back into my day better for it. Thank you, Gina and Jen. I'm grateful for this offering at this time in life and given everything going on in the world."

- Heather R., SVP, HR