Are you an Entrepreneur or Change Agent?

If you are running a small business, starting a new venture or committed to running your enterprise with all stakeholders in mind, this page is for you. We have four ways to play. Come join us.

Coaching You to Greatness

Our one-on-one Transformational Coaching program is geared toward supporting you as you strive to build or create a real, lasting, sustainable business for yourself, your stakeholders and the world. As an Entrepreneur you have to wear several hats: from visionary, to strategic thinker, to operations manager. That can be isolating, thrilling and overwhelming all at once. We will work with you to deepen your capacity, cultivate agility and emotional range, and lead in turbulent times.

At Seven Stones will work with you to cultivate the resilience, calm and passion needed to thrive on your own, and the know-how to share that capacity with your team and organization. We support you to cultivate agility, expand your emotional range, identify any less-than-optimal behaviors and work with you to create the climate that mirrors your values.

Team Coaching

This offering is designed for an intact leadership team. Teams that wish to thrive and perform optimally must develop and maintain patterns of behavior and ways of working that produce lasting long-term changes. We believe that using our coaching philosophy and leadership approach will allow your team to produce unparalleled results in a cost-effective transformative model.

This is a six to nine month program that acts as a catalyst, helping to spark the transformation of ideas, insights, and intentions into sustainable improvements in group behaviors and outcomes. The power of group coaching derives from its combination of using your current work context with real-time interventions from Seven Stones coaches.

A final defining feature of team coaching is the role of the coach, which is deliberately lower in profile than that of a trainer or facilitator. All meetings in which group coaching occurs are fully owned by the group members, not by the coaches. This means the group drives its own learning, sets its own processes and holds its own outcomes collectively. The coach acts as a guide and provides frameworks to support the group to chart its own collective learning journey.

Learning and Development

We offer an opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs to join a learning community to instill leadership competencies while you are growing your business. We have a wide range of offerings that can be completed online or in-person. We can create a unique learning program for your team. Just email us to begin a dialog about your needs.

Our courses are based on these foundational frameworks and can be fully customized for your needs:

  • The 7 Laws of Enough
  • Somatic Leadership and Presence
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Authentic Communication
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Building & Leading Teams


We integrate powerful tools such as:

  • Insights Discovery™
  • Leadership Circle
  • Enneagram™
  • Leadership Accelerator

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Leadership Accelerator

Our accelerator is a leadership and business-building deep-dive for high-growth startups. Through participation in the 8-month, NYC-based Bright Ventures Leadership Accelerator, you access leadership coaching, mentors, investors, and skill-building sessions that provide the tools you need to stay grounded as you grow. You get strategic business-building frameworks in a vibrant, diverse community of founders. We invite you to apply for our next program cycle.

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Seven Stones Community

We have a community geared to support you no matter how small or large your aspirations as a business owner. We believe that gathering together matters. We offer you a place to exchange ideas, find safe harbor in the storm, receive fortification for the long haul, get inspired and share with others. This community provides you with the strength and tools needed to forge a path, invent what is possible, not probable and go beyond what you have been able to imagine until now.

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