Are You Coaching and Advising Others?

Do you want to strengthen your coaching capacity?

Creating a Business for the Future

Engage in a tailored, one-on-one leadership coaching experience with one of the Seven Stones most senior coaches. This unique program puts at your disposal a world-class coach, with as many as 30 years practicing the art and science of coaching, consulting and embodied leadership, and whose experiences range from being in-house at companies like IBM to overseeing coaching for boutique consulting firms to coaching Fortune 500 leaders.

We bring 100% of our focus to these unique coaching partnerships: our whole selves, our hearts, our minds, our time and our fullest capabilities as coaches, consultants and facilitators. And all we ask is that you be ready to do the same.

Who It’s For

The practitioner. We know you want to keep developing and do great work at the same time.

We know you want to:

  • Deliver exquisite care to clients and customers.
  • Operate with the highest level of integrity and effectiveness.
  • Have your work provide bountiful financial remuneration for your expertise.
  • Incorporate cutting edge tools into your coaching or training practice.

Supervision for Coaching Mastery

It is essential that we as practitioners take time to reflect on our practice. This ensures we are not inadvertently standing in our own way and provides our clients with the highest quality service. We believe that the standard of care we hold sets the bar for our industry. To be a premium provider we must be committed to our own learning. In our supervision work you get to:

  • Examine our common patterns as coaches, see ourselves clearly and use our skills effectively.
  • Deal with the resistance to change and develop pathways for helping our clients overcome that resistance.
  • Effectively dance between “coaching” and “consulting” and know when to employ which in the service of your clients.

We can:

  • Provide you with a package of templates for coaches that frame the coaching process from beginning to end: from crafting a dynamic rich exchange to guiding your client through coaching to completion.
  • Listen to audio of your sessions.
  • Observe live coaching sessions and offer substantive feedback.
  • Conduct a single session with a client with whom you might be stuck to offer you new insights and pathways for transformation.

Our supervision can be done in person or virtual, one on one or in a small practice group.


A framework for differentiation in your work. The context of Sustainable Abundance and the 7 Laws of Enough provide a powerful cutting edge framework designed to support you to provide incredible results for your clients. Distinguish yourself and your work with the most innovative frameworks for those wanting to live and lead in a world that works for all.

If you:

  • Are committed to a world where everyone matters and know we must reinvent our organizations, communities and nations;
  • Are no longer interested in perpetuating the myths that more is better, there is something wrong and that you are not enough;
  • Are willing to dive deep into systems and unpack our collective narrative, and address our communal wounds;
  • Want to debunk the endemic myths of scarcity and fear that pervade;

Then join us!

This is designed as an intimate learning journey for 10-14 coaches. 

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