Are You in Transition?

Lasting, sustainable change begins with each of us.

First 100 Days of New Job or Promotion

The first 100 days of a new job or role is critical for any leader. Successful onboarding of a senior leader takes intention and practice and will set the tone and chart the course for some time to come. Seven Stones has customized our coaching frameworks and tools to work specifically through this important transition time for leaders. 

New roles call for new mindsets and behaviors. Being thoughtful about what will ensure success is crucial. Coaching during these first 100 days is designed to allow you to observe, understand, and then alter any limiting mindsets, assumptions and practices to allow you to lead powerfully in your new role. During this coaching offering, we will explore personal mastery, interpersonal relationships and structural resources to set clear mandates and focus on early wins.

Your Next Move: Career Coaching the Seven Stones Way

Times of transition offer the opportunity to pause, reflect and consider what next move will reflect your vision for yourself. We support you in a deep inquiry to explore your career journey, then articulate who you are at your core, and identify and clarify your dearest held values. In close partnership with your coach, you will chart a course for yourself as well as access your full power and be in alignment with the contribution you are committing to making in the world.

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