We love our amazing clients, and we’re proud to say that the feeling is mutual! Here are some of the nice things our program participants have to say about their experiences working with us.

More testimonials, by topic

“The material you created and delivered is extraordinary and I want to acknowledge what an inspiration and toolkit it is and will be for me in my life.”

– J.H.

“Outstanding—changed my life in ways I never thought possible.”
– Virginia R. Dean

“It gets you out of your comfort zone. It helps you focus on you and what you need. You leave with ideas and practice you can apply immediately.”
– Amy Montagne

“It’s powerful and profound and focused on helping people bring their whole selves wherever they go and live and lead from a centered place of sufficiency.”
– Transformational Coaching Participant

“It is a nourishing experience.
It is a safe place.
It is kind.”

“Though I didn’t have time, I am so happy I took the day for this wonderful experience. Thank you.”
– Transformational Coaching Participant

“It’s applied spirituality. Developing yourself so you can develop and support others.”
– Transformational Coaching Participant

“Insightful, allows you to take time to reflect and advise you on how to be a better you for yourself, colleagues & family.”
– Transformational Coaching Participant

“Yesterday I spent an extraordinary day with the Seven Stones Leadership Team and twenty new friends out to make a difference in the world.”
– Workshop Participant

“In one day I felt present, energized, relaxed, seen and held in love by others, centered, related and fulfilled.”
– Lucinda

“Combining the Seven Stones’ Workshop on Creating your Life Through Sustainable Abundance with a yoga retreat at the Sivananda Ashram was a magical experience for me. This was my first Seven Stones workshop and I was amazed at how quickly the bonds of trust and openness were forged, leading to a transformative experience for many in the group. Life at the ashram is both structured and calming, and I found it to be a catalyst for opening both body and mind to change. Attending the workshop in this setting made it all the more meaningful, providing a context of physical and spiritual strengthening. I had never been to an ashram and am only a beginner at yoga, yet I felt entirely comfortable being dropped into this other world. Thank you, Gina and Jen, for this experience, and I hope to do it again!”
– PF

“I just attended my second Seven Stones Workshop at the peaceful and lush Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in Nassau. I didn’t think it could possibly match the first one, but it was even more enriching! The theme this time was “The Seven Laws of Enough”, explored through personal reflection, group and paired interaction and directed movement. Both Jen and Gina have a remarkable gift for creating trust and openness in a diverse group of people, and the payoff was an honest and potentially transformative experience for all. I especially appreciated their willingness to adapt the workshop process to the needs of the group as they unfolded. Thank you, Jen and Gina, and all who participated in this rare and beautiful event.”
– P.F., Teacher

“I appreciated the structure and guidance that you both provided. I also appreciated the attention to the body as a portal and nature as a portal — they were distinct from one another and at the same time they complemented one another.

You did a great job building a community of learners — through your practices, we had opportunity to work together and also to sit with ourselves and do some work on our own. I love the reminder to visit our individual practices and to commit ourselves anew to what we know to be important to our well-being.

I was impressed with the way that you both were prepared for the emotional releases that your participants had. When emotions welled up, as they did for just about every participant, you both were prepared for the work associated with managing the emotion and holding the participant.”
– Dr. S.B., Professor of Business

“Deep, deep gratitude for last week and for providing us with these LUSCIOUS materials.

I wish to share a special ‘thank you’ for each of my beloved journey-mates. I am incredibly appreciative of your patience, kindness, generosity, wisdom and grace – particularly in the way you allowed space for me during this turbulent and transformative time in my life. I learned so much from each of you and the collective container – truly invaluable.”
– K.A., Coach, Teacher, Healer

“Thank you so much for these! I can feel the centeredness you planted in me in the Bahamas seeping through my cells again as I just read the words, slides, and article.”
– L.B., Leadership Coach

“Your training and facilitation skills are a beautiful thing to experience and to behold, the perspectives I gained on the material were extremely important, and the community you attracted and created was powerful beyond measure. Thank you SO much for including me.”
– Steve Heller, Program Director, Leadership Coaching Program, Georgetown University

“Gina and Jen’s workshop on ‘the 7 Laws of Enough’ was one of the best workplace seminars I’ve had the pleasure of attending—lucid, inspiring, and most of all, practical. As someone whose job involves arranging wellness and leadership programs for organizations, my standards in this regard are quite high, and Gina and Jen managed to exceed them.”
– Sara D., Wellness Advisor

“I love what you [Seven Stones Leadership Group] are doing here. As a coach I hear this from clients all of the time, and I work with very educated professionals. I look at their resumes and am amazed that they still seem to believe that they don’t belong or measure up in some way to others. Keep doing what you are doing!”
– C.H.

“Jen and Jennifer, you pulled off the impossible today. Getting this team to row together and two step together in silent unison. 100 percent of folks were totally blown away.”
– Rob Cusinuke, Athena Health

“The community has been a most welcome source of respite, peace and regeneration for me during this turbulent time. I now have community gatherings built into my calendar like regular meetings and am doing my best to prioritize participating in the shared community practice. I always leave practice more centered and focused than when I came and I head back into my day better for it. I especially appreciate the monthly completion calls, where I take stock of where I’ve been and where I’m going, it’s a great way to press pause and be mindful of the time that’s going by, how I’m using it and what progress I’m making on the things that matter most to me. Thank you, Gina and Jen, I’m grateful for this offering at this time in life and given everything going on in the world.”

– Heather R., SVP, HR

“The host speaks clearly and presented context, and explanation and information clearly and shared her tools as well as had us discover our own. The Q & A allowed us to share with one another and learn what other tools and tips other participants use. The call was extremely valuable.”
– Call Participant

“You’re helping make this world a better place.”
– PH

“So loved your deep passion on the call—there is still a ripple from the vibration.”
– UL

“The call was wonderful! I signed up for her teleclass.”
– RV

“I listened to the Annual Completion Community Call. …it was perfectly sufficient and matched to what I needed today. With the conversation, I more fully felt the completion in my very being and what I offer.”
– Tivo

“…the content was powerful—Gina and Jen were clear, inspiring, and kept it moving really really well!”
– Call Participant

“What a beautiful, nurturing and honourable process. …the interactive answers and participation was invaluable too and it was a perfect balance of leading and sharing. I am so moved and grateful for the simplicity and sacredness or grace of these laws and for the Host(s) clarity and leadership and acknowledgement of anyone who shared.”
– Linda Robinson

“Awesome call! The content and inquiry was really powerful.”
– Call Participant

“Thank you for a powerful call and process!”
– Call Participant

“Gina and Jen, thank you again for a life transforming workshop. The explorations and distinctions you have created and shared with us are deeply impacting my work and my life. I feel so blessed to be part of the conversation you are creating.”
– J.A.O., Artist, Coach, Entrepreneur

“I just want to express my gratitude to you for having me at the workshop and for all the love and thoughtfulness you poured into the program. That was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”
– C.H., Professor of Business

“Gina provided a safe haven for sharing trials and tribulations in the work place and working through organizational issues which were impeding goal completion.”

“The support and encouragement from Gina was consistent, unwavering and available at a critical juncture in our organization evolution and my career evolution.”

“…thank you for a really rich day. It was not only masterfully facilitated by you but a very rich and deepening experience for me personally and from what I observed for the team as a whole. This somatic work requires another level of “being” and I so appreciated your skill and expertise.”
– Sue Wiliamson

“Her coaching is wonderful and I would highly recommend her for other Senior Leaders at the Brand.”
– Audrey Reilly

“You have guided me to the next part of my life, the light is stronger than ever and I feel I could be ready to take the next step, although I am continuously gut-checking myself—especially around the comment on what support do I need to thrive under pressure, that’s a key piece and I don’t just want to be a survivor.”
– Transformation Coaching Participant

“I had the pleasure of working with Jen as my coach for over a year. I can hardly believe the progress I made on my personal and professional challenges, and I know Jen has played a large role in that success. She is an excellent coach who was able to strike the perfect balance between challenging me and giving me the safety and confidence I needed to face my personal challenges. And through it all she guided me to solutions that I had within me all along. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
– Elizabeth, Management Consultant

“Jen’s wisdom about the body goes way beyond words. It shows up in her presence, her way of connecting, and her sharp intuition. And she brings great integrity to her work. For me, she “walks the talk” with clarity, candor, deep commitment, and a warm, laughing heart.”
– R.A., Executive Coach

“I have been involved in two of Jen Somatic Practice groups here in Boston, MA. Jen has an intuitive knack while teaching to tailor class as though it was designed specifically for you.”
– Paul

“I have taken the class all three times it was offered in 2010 and 2011. Jen teaches experientially in a way that reaches each person in the room and touches them in ways that are strengthening and affirming. Her belief in me enabled me to take risks in class and with clients, benefiting both, and being fully grounded in somatic knowledge and practices.”
– Sandy

“An accomplished facilitator and coach, Jen creates an extraordinary learning environment where people feel both safe and curious and therefore open to extraordinary learning and discovery. Jen’s coaching style is both sympathetic and compassionate as well as practical and direct—a fabulous combination.”
– Betsy Cole

“Jen Cohen is the most skilled and loving coach I have ever worked with. Jen is masterful in inviting the deepest, most human parts of her clients forward. Working with her helped me cultivate a new degree of fearlessness: whatever the work I needed to do, not matter how messy or deep… Her skill working at this deep a level of transformation is a rare and precious gift in a coach.”

“Working with Jen gave me many vital things: a deep, felt sense of connection with my own vision of what matters most to me; evidence that I could set and attain goals higher than I had ever set before, and profound self-acceptance for the very human places of my own imperfections. In short, she helped me learn to be my own best ally, and a bigger leader in the world!”
– Kim Marshall, InnerCompass Leadership

“One of the most productive, pleasing and powerful processes I’ve partaken of in my quest to lead a more pleasurable and powerful life has been engaging with Jen Cohen in a coaching relationship.”

“Whatever thoughts I had going into this relationship were nothing compared to what I came away with. The surprises of discovering some very deep and moving things about myself; learning how to better listen to myself and others more deeply and compassionately; allowing myself to dream and setting the course to make them come true; discovering the true meaning of partnership; and getting in touch with a spiritual strength that continues to nourish me. Working with Jen has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself in life. Thank you, Jen.”
– R. Glickman

“Jen Cohen is a highly gifted coach. I found her to be masterful at creating a coaching relationship that was grounded in a deep trust and challenge that allowed me to explore, discover and generate a new place for myself in my career and intimate relationship that I didn’t think was possible. She has a razor sharp seeing that cut right to the bone of what I was blind to or needed to resolve so that I could reach my goals. She did this with a fierce compassion that was respectful of my discomfort yet unwavering in calling me to be the man I want to be.”
– Robert Demaree

“I have done years of therapy, taken workshops, bought self-help books. Yet in the last two years I have made more progress, significant progress, than all previous efforts combined.

She is tough, realistic, and intuitive. She gives a part of herself, I feel she is in it with me, and I have a sense that she has done this work herself.

She is a gifted practitioner who defies easy categorization, blending many disciplines; she draws on all and combines them with her own life experience.”

“Jennifer Cohen has made a profound difference in my life. My outlook is changed. I am grounded in a new way. I am grappling with issues and finally have an opportunity to move toward the life I aspire to. I have a new honesty and discovered a courage I didn’t know I had. I am excited about my possibilities. The people around me see something new.”

“What do I still want after two years? More. I want more.”
– Robert Brown

“I’m THRILLED with them! I used them with a client today the way I did-pulling 3 cards with myself the other night-and morning at your house and it worked beautifully in conjunction with Leadership Embodiment Centering and Advocating! YAHOO! 🙂 My client loved it and is going to go on your website and order a workbook and a deck of cards so we can use it in our work together. I told her all about you 3 women and 7 Stones.”
– Olivia

“The card deck is a reminder of my responsibility to self, GOD, family and the universe. I shared them with friends and they will be ordering sets for themselves. The card deck travels well – they fit in a small space and allow me to practice my journey of sufficiency wherever I am! They supplement the workbook nicely, and I will use them daily on my journey to sufficiency.”
– KH

4 Virtual Learning Sessions plus 6-month Racial Affinity Group Experience

For this learning path, you will participate in the 4 virtual learning sessions and be enrolled in one of three Racial Affinity Groups:

1) People who identify as People of Color (Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic)

2) People who identify as Bi-Racial or Multi-Racial

3) People who identify as White

*More specific affinity groups may be formed upon the completion of course registration

We believe that it is important to do our own work with people with similar racial experiences to build capacity for cross-race dialogue that supports authentic relationships and deep belonging for everyone. We will ask you to self-select into the group that best aligns with your racial identity. We recognize that for some this is not a simple choice and we are available to have a conversation with you to support your selection.

Together we will:

  • Reflect personally and collectively on the impact of embodied trauma, separation, scarcity and disconnection.
  • Work in learning partners and/or small groups for the sake of holding each other accountable and deepening our learning through multiple disciplines.
  • Engage in embodied practices for unwinding from the impact of racism in order to build stamina, capacity, and resilience.

Online Zoom Sessions

Time: 11am-12:30pm ET/8am PT/4pm GMT*

When: 5-Sessions scheduled between Sept 28, 2023 – Jan 26, 2024 (see below)

*All sessions will run from 11am-12:30pm ET.

Racial Affinity Group Schedule
Thurs, September 28, 2023 — 11am-12:30pm ET Kick-off/ Authentic Communication
Thurs, November 2, 2023 — 11am-12:30pm ET Unpacking Our Racial Autobiographies
Friday, November 17, 2023 — 11am-12:30pm ET Self-Compassion
Thurs, December 7, 2023 — 11am-12:30pm ET What is Sustainable Abundance?
Thurs, January 25, 2024 — 11am-12:30pm ET Inclusive Leadership

Course Registration

Upon registration, you will be directed to our online community space, where all aspects of your program will live, including: pre-work, event links, and a space to connect with fellow participants.

4 Virtual Learning Sessions Only

These four learning sessions will provide you with a new view and innovative framing of the problem as we see it. Below is a brief description of what will take place in each session:

  • Learning Session 1: Why Context Matters
    In session one, we look at our individualist narratives and the impact of not understanding the context in which we exist. 
  • Learning Session 2: Unpacking Trauma
    In session two, we discuss individual and collective trauma. We define trauma and look together about our current systems of inequality and how they evoke trauma-like responses in so many of us.
  • Learning Session 3: Global Anti-Black Racism: A History Lesson
    In session three, we get a history lesson like none other: we explore the global slave trade as the foundation for our current economic model.
  • Learning Session 4: Understanding Power
    In our last session, we examine power; power structures, our relationships with personal power; the importance of learning a healthy relationship with power when so many of us have had power abuse in our lives.

Online Zoom Learning Sessions

Time: 11am-1pm ET/8am PT/4pm GMT*

When: 4-sessions scheduled between Sept 21, 2023 – Jan 18, 2024 (see details below)

*All sessions will run from 11am-1pm ET.

Learning Session Schedule
Thurs, September 21, 2023 — 11 - 1pm ETWhy Context Matters
Thurs, October 26, 2023 — 11 - 1pm ET Unpacking Trauma
Thurs, November 16, 2023 — 11 - 1pm ET Global Anti-Black Racism: A History Lesson
Thurs, January 18, 2024 — 11 - 1pm ET Understanding Power

Course Registration

Upon registration, you will be directed to our online community space, where all aspects of your modular program will live, including: pre-work, event links, and a space to connect with fellow participants.